Guarding January by Sean Michael

Guarding January by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Lord January is at the top of the charts, only comes out at night, and is usually covered in blood. Say what you will, but the man knows how to put on a great show. But when the Vampire King is let out of rehab, the last thing he expects is someone forcing him to eat real food, hang out in the sun, and generally be a human being.

Rye Sommers, the best bodyguard in the business, has been hired to babysit a rock star whose biggest threat surprisingly isn’t all the hard drugs, desperate groupies, and crazy fans—it’s Lord January himself. But the closer Rye gets, the more LJ turns into sweet, gentle, caring Jeff Smart. He may still be the super-skinny, pierced and inked genius Lord January, but he is slowly shaking his death wish as he sheds the loneliness and exhaustion his stage persona saddled him with.

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I found this to be a surprisingly sweet and emotional read. While the cover and blurb had me thinking this might be an edgy or even slightly futuristic style of story what I actually found when reading it was a lovely bodyguard/musician romance story. I adored the pacing – finding the longer length of the story really allowed the author to do a slow drop when it came to the romance between Jeff and Rye.

I also thought that while the blurb was a little confusing at the distinction between the on-stage persona of “Lord January, Vampire King” and the actual real-life person of Jeff, this was exceptionally detailed and quite logically displayed within the story itself. Indeed, if there are any readers (like me, for example) who have held off purchasing this book mainly because the cover and blurb didn’t especially appeal to them I’d recommend them giving this book a try.

I really enjoyed the interaction between Rye and Jeff. Unlike a lot of bodyguard stories there wasn’t some instant sizzle and them jumping into bed together and throwing caution to the wind. Nor was there some long-buried history between the two and so they just “had” to act on their feelings and the danger of the situation be ignored. Instead I found this to be a lovely slow burn and a well paced romance. As the bodyguard Rye slowly learns more about Jeff and his situation, the trappings of the celebrity persona of Lord January and all the other small factors that fit together to form someone’s life. And while sure, as Rye learns more about Jeff and Jeff learns he can trust Rye absolutely, they each begin to fall in love it’s clear that their emotional connection, the trust blooming between them and the respect and friendship were all factors grown first and the whole relationship was not just emotional but realistic and logical as well.

Readers looking for a kinky, edgy or hard and explicit read probably will leave this story not fully satisfied in my opinion. While there is definitely explicit intercourse scenes, unlike a lot of Sean Michael’s work it’s not first and foremost here and neither is it overly edgy or hard core (ie BDSM). Like many of this authors other books, this one focuses primarily on the relationship, the emotional connection and the situation as a whole and I really loved this. There are a number of secondary characters who I found were well drawn and interesting – but not as prominent as you’d find in other stories. While I felt they really added to the story they were absolutely supportive characters and not given equal time or attention as Rye/Jeff. This definitely read as a single, stand alone story to my mind and that’s reflected in while the secondary characters were interesting and well written they weren’t prominent enough for me to want to learn their stories now as well.

With a lovely slow drop into love, an interesting and well written bodyguard/musician style of plotting and the strong emotional and romantic connection realistic and lovely to read this was a great read and one I will definitely enjoy again in the future. Recommended.

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