Guarded by a Hero by Aurora Russell

Guarded by a Hero by Aurora Russell
Publisher: Totally Entwined
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Sometimes, a hero is the worst and best man for a girl to fall in love with…

Besides being the lovely only sister among the wealthy, powerful and famous Gaspard siblings, Clothilde Gaspard has had a life that’s been anything but charmed. She has recently gone through a break-up from hell, survived a serious car accident and multiple other attacks. The only constant has been her heroic former-military bodyguard, Marc, until he leaves abruptly the morning after giving her the greatest pleasure of her life, and she vows never to let him get too close again.

Marc Constantin’s entire life has been about duty, honor and service—and it’s this service that leads him to be stationed undercover, posing as a security guard with the Gaspard family as he tracks a criminal mastermind. He tries not to let his relationship with Clothilde become personal, but he can’t help but admire the strong, smart and gorgeous woman who hides her fiery nature behind an Ice Queen persona. When he’s ordered to stay away from her, it tears him up to leave, but he has no choice.

When a new, unknown threat to Clothilde emerges, the pair must set aside their past to work together. As they retreat from glittering society parties to a remote island lighthouse in Maine, passions and tempers flare, and old family secrets might just hold the key to catching the deadly criminal, the Chimère. In order to protect Clothilde, Marc must put his career, his honor and his life on the line, but can he prove that he’s not just the hero who guards her, but also the hero who loves her?

He’s not just a hero who guards her, he’s a hero who loves her.

That pretty much sums up this book and in a good way. I’ve read other books by Aurora Russell and haven’t been let down yet. This one was another winner. The action is intense, just like the romance.

Marc has Clothilde’s best interests at heart and his sights set on her heart as well. I liked the pairing between them. He’s totally in love and will do whatever it takes for her. I loved that about him. He’s take-charge and won’t say no. I liked the push pull of ‘he can’t have her, but he wants her’. It made the story fly by.

Clothilde is trying so hard to be protected–to keep her emotions at bay, but it’s not easy with Marc around. He’s exactly what she wants, even if he is off-limits. I liked how she had to come to terms with who she is–strong and sassy–while taking what she wanted–him.

If you want a story that’s packed with action, intriguing and hot, then this might be the one for you. Check it out!

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