Giving It To The Enemy by Sam Crescent

Giving It To The Enemy by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (94 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Elena is the estranged sister of Saint, Prez of the Saints and Sinner’s MC. She was once part of his world until their mother tore her from everything she knew. Now, she doesn’t belong—not in the club, and not as Saint’s sister either. When she meets Pipe in a bar, everything changes. He awakens a need inside her that she can’t deny.

Pipe doesn’t want anything from Elena—only her. He’s not after a war, nor is he after blackmailing Saint’s little sister. She’s not like any other woman he’s ever known. All he wants is to get to know her.

Away from both clubs, they explore their attraction, and it doesn’t take long for their feelings to deepen. Saint is no fool, and when he discovers that Pipe has been screwing his sister, there is hell to pay.

Pipe will not let Elena pick between him or Saint. He’s prepared to make a bargain that brings the Saints and Sinners MC closer to the Hell’s Wolves. He wants peace, and to keep his woman safe. Will Saint let him live? Or will Pipe have to take care of business one final time?

I really enjoyed this book!

Giving It To The Enemy is the second book in this series and it definitely does not disappoint. It was a highly anticipated read for me and every bit as entertaining as the first book. I loved Pipe and Elena and the intensity of their forbidden relationship. Pipe was a violent man but I loved how sweet, protective, and supportive he was of Elena. He was smart and knew how to get what he wanted without starting a war with Elena’s brother and it endeared him that he would do that for his woman. I liked Elena who had some scars of her own but Pipe helped her to heal, and to finally reveal the truth to Saint. I also liked that she stood up for herself with Saint when he threw his big fit over her and Pipe’s affair. Now I can’t wait to read Saint’s story even though it looks like it will probably be Ralf and Sarah up next. But, oh well, that just means another great Saints and Sinners book for this devoted fan.

Once again, Sam Crescent has created such vivid and likable characters and made them seem real. I simply love her writing style and how her books are always exciting and sexy and gritty. The one was well written, fast paced and very passionate. The intimate scenes were sexy as always with this author. Well, I guess you can simply say that I really loved this book.

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