Geomancer by Don Callander

Geomancer by Don Callander
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (200 Pages)
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Trouble is brewing in the north.

First, Flarman Flowerstalk, the renowned firemaster, suddenly disappears. Then the Stone Men, who are under the enchantment of an ancient geomancer, capture and hold his apprentice, Douglas Brightglade. And now, magician Wong’s homeland of Choin is in an uproar as warring factions fight over the emperor’s throne.

Somehow the scattered fellowship of wizards must locate their missing members, break the old enchantments, and bring peace to the Choinese in time for Douglas to pass his firemaster exam and marry Myrn Manstar.

Pyromancer Flarman Flowerstalk takes one look at the tea leaves in the bottom of his cup one morning and promptly disappears. Then his apprentice, Journeyman Pyromancer Douglas Brightglade is kidnapped by the Stone Men, who were enchanted centuries ago by an ancient Geomancer. And finally, magician Wong discovers his homeland of Choin is suffering from a major political upheaval surrounding the struggle for the emperor’s throne. Suddenly the fellowship of wizards is faced with three different catastrophes. Will they be able to solve the mysteries?

Once again, Don Callander has crafted a fantastically imaginative and exciting story about wizards and their world. This is the third in the ‘Mancer Series, and I have really enjoyed each one. Callander gives an introduction in each so that readers who begin in the middle of the series are quickly updated and each book stands alone with a totally complete and finished plot.

I think one of the greatest strengths in Geomancer is the way in which Callander is able to juggle a varied panoply of characters and locations so that the reader never feels lost or unsettled. The descriptions of the Stone Men’s village is unique and complex, as are the Stone Men themselves. An ancient and evil Geomancer turned the entire village into stone and understandably, after living this way for centuries, they want the enchantment lifted. They also don’t trust wizards, again for a very good reason, so Douglas must use all his abilities to work with them. I like Douglas, especially because of his understanding and compassion for the Stone Men.

There are many different supporting characters in this novel, and they are each brought to life with amazing depth and clarity. Many different species are active in the story, as well as magical objects with personalities and abilities of their own. I love Bronze Owl, Doorknocker and official greeter, who is also able to move to different locations and instruct the ornate “Ostrich-Hume Pen, which had been busily writing to his dictation all morning.”

Lovers of fantasy are certain to find the wizard’s world in Geomancer to be spellbinding and exciting, filled with action and adventures in a variety of different richly described settings.

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