Fury by Jenika Snow

Fury by Jenika Snow
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (123 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Fury took Angelina because of revenge, but the longer she’s with him the more he wants her. He never thought he would be the man to use a woman as leverage, but when that woman is the daughter of the notorious Sal Cardona, a man that hurt his MC, Fury will go to any length.

Angelina Cardona ran from her mafia family just a few months ago, but she’s never felt safe since then. When she wakes up after being drugged and taken from her home, she fears her father and his men have found her. But something dark rises inside of her when she sees the man that’s taken her is the Bleeding Mayhem President, Fury. She wants him, even if he won’t let her go, and even if he’s is just as dangerous as the mob.

Fury knows he’s in deep where it concerns Angelina, and he won’t let her walk away when it’s all said and done.

Jenika Snow did an outstanding job on this book!

This is the third book in the exciting and gritty Bleeding Mayhem series. I would suggest you read Mayhem, book two in the series, in order to fully understand the conflict of the storyline in Fury. Fury abducted Angelina to use as leverage against her crime family so he could protect the MC. Almost immediately he found himself attracted and intrigued by her innocence and wanted to keep her for his old lady. It’s the way of the alpha male that has me so fascinated by the books of this sub-genre, and Jenika Snow is absolutely fabulous at creating memorable ones for me to drool over. Fury was so sexy and take charge about protecting Angelina once he got to know her, even though her mobster father and his goons were determined to wreak their vengeance on them and the club. This story was told in multiple POVs that contributed good depth to all of the characters. It had great twists, scorching love scenes, and an intriguing set up for the next book, as well.

Once again, Jenika Snow has presented a short, fast paced and engaging MC romance. The story was hella hot with more than one surprise to keep it lively. I enjoyed reading it, feeling the steamy romance, and I’m definitely interested in the next book.

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