For Richer For Poorer by Pelaam

For Richer For Poorer by Pelaam
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

To successfully close a business deal, business tycoon Scott is horrified to discover he will need to find a husband in a hurry.

Having been once bitten, Scott is twice shy. But he finds a reluctant groom in his firm’s accountant, Connor, a young man who is dealing with inherited debts.

Connor is alarmed by the proposition, afraid his true feelings for the sexy older man will be discovered.
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For the sake of his younger brother, he agrees to Scott’s proposal: to be Scott’s short-term husband in return for their debts to be paid off in full.

Can there be a happy ever after for either man?

Connor enjoys his work – and his delectable boss, Scott – but with a pile of debt left to him from his dead, gambling addicted father, Connor has no desire to rock the boat. He needs his job and the steady income it provides until he and his brother are debt free. Scott is desperate to close a deal, and very unwilling to let any minor inconvenience hamper his way. When Scott discovers he needs a groom and there’s no way around it, Scott and Connor find themselves in a marriage of convenience. But will the two men find remaining married is what they both end up wanting?

I enjoyed this modern and fresh story. While the plotline is at a first glance pretty well used – rich business man finds for reasons beyond his control he needs a spouse and allows himself to marry the employee who secretly loves him – I found the modern setting and very contemporary feel really added a freshness to the story as a whole. I also really enjoyed the fact that Scott, while rich and powerful and owner of the business, wasn’t arrogant or dislikable with his power and prestige. This really helped me enjoy both his character and the story as a whole. Enjoying the characters and really hoping they fall in love and come to see that in each other was a delicious way to spend some time.

With the obligatory jealous ex and a bunch of interesting and varied secondary characters I found this to be a fun and quick read that delighted me at a number of turns. While the plot is well-worn enough to be comfortable it was absolutely freshened up and felt really fun and modern to me. I also thoroughly enjoyed Scott and Connor’s slow fall for each other. I thought there was plenty of chemistry and sizzle between the two men but feel readers expecting a strongly erotic and heavily explicit story might not find this quite hot enough for their tastes.

Fun and refreshing I enjoyed this quick read.

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