For Her Honor by Cerise DeLand

For Her Honor by Cerise DeLand
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (81 Pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

When a knight must choose between duty to his king or saving his beloved, the choice is clear. He must take up a sword of passion.

When a king’s man claims a woman he shouldn’t have, he chains her to him anyway with bonds of desire that rival all the king’s men.

Will Dunwick takes one look at lush widow Blanche Bergeron and knows she can never be his.

But when she runs from him—and he chains her to him lest she flee again—he binds himself to her body, heart and soul.

Can Will free himself of his obsession—or will both of them lose their lives for a love affair they should never have consummated?

Cerise DeLand continues her Swords Of Passion Series with For Her Honor. This was another story that I enjoyed.

William Dunwick, the Earl of Greystone, was a loyal advisor to King John, and he was the friend who helped Simon and Elise in the first book of this series. He doesn’t quite agree with the king using his power to force politically advantageous marriages. Still, he was bound and determined to do his duty when the king orders him to escort an recalcitrant, and independent window to the alter. Blanche really does not want to marry, so she tries to run away, only to be tracked down by a clever Will and then chained to his side for a hasty trip back.

Unlike in the first book, I wasn’t as completely convinced of the romance for Will and Blanche. However, the sexual tension was incredible between these two. Despite her anger, Blanche was fascinated by Will, his size, his handsome looks, and bold manner. She wanted him in her bed even as she fought for her freedom. For his part Will was just as attracted to Blanche, so he decides to teach her a few sexual tricks that he picked up along the way. As with the first book, this was a sultry story, with vivid sex scenes, and anal play. Will and Blanche grow even closer and realize that they share common sorrows, but by then their time together draws to an end amidst greedy power plays and political intrigue. Will has a choice to make, either bow down to King John or somehow convince him to change his mind.

I was easily pulled into this story. It was well written and fast paced, and I liked the vibrant, and likeable characters, rich history, and steamy sexual tension. So now it’s on to the third and final book in this exciting series.

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