Finding Soul by T.L. Searle

Finding Soul by T.L. Searle
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

“Darovit are not born
They are created
By something even we cannot see”
Benjamin SOLOMAN

Four-year-old Jonathan Miller was rescued by a girl with rainbow hair, shrouded in black, who flew like magic along the ground. Eighteen-year-old Jon, obsessed with fantasy and the supernatural, dreams of her still.

Now she has returned. She says he’s no longer safe and that he needs to come with her; that the necklace she gifted him is no longer enough.
But who is she?
And who is he?

Joined by his best friend, Miles, Jon is led on a frightening tour of an Otherworld he knew nothing about; a missing Seer, the nefarious Otherworld hit men the Vipers, witches, Not-Mermen and the ugly toads that had once captured him.

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They are Darovit;
Their scaled Dar their constant companions.

But she is not just his hero
And he was not just a boy
And the Otherworld
Is hunting him still

Jon’s fantasy world is about to become very real.

Jon’s life hasn’t exactly been easy. After his abduction and subsequent rescue, years of therapy and his mother’s constant desire to move from place to place have taken their toll on Jon. He hopes that college will be a chance to have some semblance of normalcy. Unfortunately, danger is and has always been much closer than Jon realizes.

I felt so sorry for Jon. His entire world is turned upside down the moment his guardian, the Translucent, comes crashing back into his life. She does have another name, but I don’t want to spoil the story by revealing how she gets it. Before Jon knows it, he and his friend Miles are running for their lives forced to depend on a woman he knows nothing about other than she saved him as a child. Jon soon learns that an entire race of magical beings lives on Earth hidden from humans. Jon’s roller coaster of emotions and mini breakdown are completely understandable. In fact, I think his reaction to the magic world is one of the most realistic I’ve read. Often when I’ve read stories in this genre, the characters acclimate to the information a bit too quickly for my taste. That is certainly not the case with Jon. He needs time to absorb everything. With the help of his friend Miles and the Translucent, I have a feeling he’ll be fine.

I found Jon’s relationship with the Translucent strange. Since she saved him, he developed a crush on her. His art notebooks are filled with images of her face. He’s imagined her as a perfect guardian angel for years. The reality is quite different, and it was a little sad to see Jon’s perception of her crumble. I must admit I did not like the Translucent at first. She is very abrupt and seems rather indifferent to the emotional upheaval Jon experiences. She barely speaks to Jon and Miles, and when she does, she only says the bare minimum. While I understand that the Translucent is old and not used to interacting with humans so much, it was still painful to watch.

Fortunately, Miles is there to keep things from being completely unbearable. He’s an extremely entertaining character with a good sense of humor. While Miles understands the gravity of their situation, he always seems to find a way to lighten the mood and rarely fails at making Jon smile. I must also add the Miles has some secrets of his own. At first, I was worried that Jon would see this as a betrayal, but his friendship with Miles is strong and weathers this revelation. Before long, the Translucent begins to warm to Jon and Miles and the unlikely trio turn into quite the team.

I enjoyed reading Finding Soul. The pacing was great, and I had fun watching Jon, Miles, and the Translucent bond. The Darovit are intriguing, and I look forward to learning more in the next installment of this series!

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