Finding Mimi by Gerald A. Jennings

Finding Mimi by Gerald A. Jennings
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Historical
Length: Short Story (56 Pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Myrtle

David McClain, retired teacher, is depressed as he faces the fourth summer since the death of his wife. The big Victorian house, once full of the happy sounds made by his beautiful wife and three lively daughters, now is silent, and he has resigned himself to stoic loneliness.
But life still has more in store for him than he imagines, as a series of dreams begin to haunt him, awakening echoes of a forgotten love…Who was she? Why can’t he remember? Does she still exist?

Do dreams carry an underlying message that points to a situation in one’s waking life that remains unsettled? Sometimes, digging deeper is the only way to know.

David McClain knows true love better than most. Meggie was all any man could ask for in a wife. She was beautiful. She was smart. And she loved him with all her heart, just as he loved her. Together they raised three wonderful daughters before her untimely death brought his world crashing down. Four years have passed since Meggie’s death, and now, for no apparent reason, David has begun to have dreams of another woman. One whom he feels he should know, but cannot see her face well enough to remember.

Pastor Mike encourages David to seek out the help of their mutual friend, Ben, a psychologist, to help decipher the meaning of his sudden recurring dreams. Ben finds his friend’s dreams interesting enough to warrant writing a paper about them. David, however, is only interested in finding their meaning. Then one day, a dream comes when David finally sees her face clearly: Mimi.

Although this novella has an interesting tale to tell, it is disappointing in that it does just that—it tells the reader about every event. There is no firsthand experience with the sights, sounds, tastes, emotions, or lives of its characters. As a reader, I did not get to live the story with its characters, but rather stood in the background for its retelling. One early chapter gives the entire long ago backstory of the main character’s original meeting (dialogue and all) and his subsequent relationship with Mimi via a counseling session with his friend and therapist, making this feel more like an extra-long synopsis than a novel.

Finding Mimi is a quick easy read with a hint of mystery, and you’ll not find a single typo or misused word. It might be the perfect novella to take along on your next flight or quiet getaway.

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