Final Solstice by David Sakmyster

Final Solstice by David Sakmyster
Publisher: WordFire Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (298 Pages)
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Climate change is man-made, but caused by just a powerful few known as Druids.

When successful meteorologist Mason Griers is recruited to consult for a mysterious environmental firm, it’s the perfect chance to put his lifetime obsession with violent weather to practical use. Solstice Inc. promises a new technology that can accurately predict, and possibly control, catastrophic weather events around the world. Too late however, Mason learns that Solstice is made up of high ranking and powerful Druids, and he’s become an unwitting tool in the firm’s dark plot that could remake the world on a scale not seen since the last great extinction.

Mason Grier is flattered when he is recruited by Solstice Synergistic, Inc. After all, he is only a weatherman for a San Diego television station. He accepts the job right away when Solstice’s medical advances cure his daughter’s deafness. He doesn’t really think things through or examine the company at all. He just gets caught up in the moment. However, all too soon he begins to discover that Solstice has the power to change weather, making catastrophic storms at the wave of their Druid staffs. In addition, they have an agenda to stop global warming in ways that will cause mass extinctions. As Avery Solomon, the head of Solstice says to those Druids who want a more peaceful change, “You speak of balance, and I tell you, I am merely righting the balance, restoring power to where it belongs. Not with man and his technology and his medical miracles and his immunizations and ecological re-engineering. That is what has usurped the balance.”

Final Solstice is a very timely and engaging story. I found it especially powerful as I suffer through a very dry hot summer. Mason is obviously in over his head and it isn’t immediately obvious why Solomon has picked him or what he is supposed to do. I found Mason to be likeable and maybe a bit naïve and out of his element. However, he cares deeply for his family and he is a quick learner, especially when he is helped by the Druids who oppose Solomon.

Fantasy and mystery fans alike will enjoy this novel. It is filled with information about both weather and global warming, and the plot is well-grounded in facts. The mysteries abound and Mason has to work hard to become a force in his own right, rather than just Solomon’s puppet. Can he change the path that Solomon has set? Can he do it before the Earth is destroyed? Time is not on Mason’s side. This is a novel that isn’t easily set aside or forgotten.

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