Falling for Irish by Katie Reus

Falling for Irish by Katie Reus
Publisher: KR Press, LLC
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

She walked away once.

When Kathryn Irish realized that she and Daniel were too different—and that he thought she was after him for his money—she ended things. When a job randomly puts her back on his radar, they hesitantly form a truce. But deep down she knows she can never be just friends with him. She’ll always want more.
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He never should have let her go.

Daniel MacArthur knows he made the biggest mistake of his life in letting Kathryn walk away. When she suddenly appears back in his life, it’s not a moment too soon—since she’s been targeted twice by a faceless enemy. She thinks the two attacks are random. But he’s not so sure. Is it because of her job? Or is something more sinister at play?

They say, things are better the second time around. Falling for Irish is a delightful, second chance story about Daniel MacArthur and Kathryn Irish. This upbeat and tender story immediately grabbed me and the engaging characters are realistic, easy to like and share a lot of chemistry.

Daniel and Kathryn dated for three wonderful months before breaking up. The breakup was hard for both of them and when they unexpectedly meet again, Daniel is determined to win Kathryn back. Daniel, a rich business mogul, loves Kathryn with all his heart and when he sees her again, he knows this is his only chance to have her back in his life again. I loved how Daniel never gives up.

Kathryn works as a computer hacker. She is hired by companies to help them with their security issues. She is down to earth and loves her job. She is surprised to see Daniel again; she cares about him, but is afraid of getting hurt. I liked these two together and wanted things to work out for them, so they could both be happy again. I thoroughly enjoyed this suspenseful and romantic novella.

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