Engaged in Danger by Barbara Venkataraman

Engaged in Danger by Barbara Venkataraman
Jamie Quinn Cozy Mystery Book 4
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (226 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Finally, life is good for reluctant family law attorney, Jamie Quinn–her father may get his visa soon, her boyfriend is the bomb, and her law practice is growing like crazy–but when she agrees to take on a high-profile divorce case, everything falls apart. What looked like an opportunity to work with her friend Grace and make some serious bucks has turned into a deadly game, one that could destroy their friendship and tear their town apart. Why couldn’t Jamie just leave well enough alone?

Jamie’s life is good. Her father is getting a visa to come and visit, she loves her boyfriend, and the cases she’s getting are keeping spending money coming in. Then things all fall apart. Her boyfriend is going away on a job and will be gone for three months (THREE MONTHS?!?) and the new case she just took on is high profile and the man involved is dangerous like a shark. Not only that, she’s having a fight with her best female friend. How’s she going to resolve all this?

She starts doing research into the couple’s assets and she finds the wife knows nothing about them. He’s a lawyer but he doesn’t have an office or any jobs she can see. Where is all this money coming from?

The author has a talent for adding enough just enough odd facts to keep you interested and keep you reading to see where the story will go. Jamie is an independent woman who is afraid she may lose her boyfriend to the pretty young woman on the job and you can sympathize with her. She tends to assume things which can be dangerous in her business.

With Russians, money laundering, blackmail and more going around, there’s lots of pieces to pick up, tie together and then do something to fix it without getting hurt. It’s a good thing Jamie is a resilient person and bounces back.

This is a good cozy that romps through the lives of the characters and the case both. It’s just the right length and it has a surprise ending.


  1. Barbara Venkataraman says:

    Thanks for the wonderful review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. 🙂

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