Dirty & Sweet by Megan Slayer

Dirty & Sweet by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Alex Malachi wants a sub, but not just any girl. He needs the right one. The moment he sees Jessie, he knows he’s found the perfect sub. He won’t stop until she’s his.

Jessie Brown’s been in lust with Alex Malachi since she started working at his BDSM club, Indigo. When he requests her services, she can’t refuse. Jessie’s always had a thing for older men, and Alex fits her bill. But when Alex realizes Jessie’s father owes him over a hundred grand, will the offer involve paying the bill with her heart?

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I found this to be a steamy and kinky story. I enjoyed both Jessie and Alex’s characters but thought they both were just a little stereotypical. The age difference between them didn’t bother me as Jessie was a fairly mature nineteen and while Alex might have been forty both were very clearly attracted to each other and willing. There is though quite a large gap between their ages and this might not work for all readers. I was pleased that the pace of the story felt quite even to me. I appreciated how Alex and Jessie didn’t just immediately jump into kinky sex play together – though there was a blow-job which was effectively her “interview” and the chemistry between the two characters was smoking hot. The author spent a fair bit of the first quarter of the story though allowing Alex and Jessie to get the basics on each other and check they both knew exactly what they were offering and expected from each other. This helped lend a lot of believability to the story for me and I was grateful they didn’t just rush into the kink and sex.

While there were only a few secondary character, I admit I was pretty curious about them – Rona and Dante in particular. Rona seemed to be a layered and complicated character – partly stuck on Alex after they’d shared a BDSM session together many years ago but despite her sharp tongue and gruff manner I could still feel that she cared about the various girls and subs working under her at the club. I’d be interested to see if her character might be portrayed more in future stories. And Dante was one of Alex’s brothers and while the two men clashed and had what appeared to be quite a spiky relationship it’s clear Dante will have his own story down the track somewhere.

The BDSM is explicit but fairly standard for these sorts of stories – paddling, anal toys, bindings and the like. I thought the author did a good job balancing the kink and sex with the plot and character growth between Jessie and Alex. I enjoyed seeing their relationship flourish and grow and even though it’s clearly early days, by the end of the story I really felt like they had a good chance of making it work together long term.

Sexy, hot and with a realistic and interesting plot this is a great short story. I feel it should appeal to most erotic readers – especially those who like a fair bit of kinky sex in their stories or those who enjoy older men/younger women stories.

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