Devil in Texas by Adrienne deWolfe

Devil in Texas by Adrienne deWolfe
Lady Law & the Gunslinger Series, Book One
Publisher: ePublishing Works
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (314 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

inkerton Agent Sadie Michelson poses as a casino singer to investigate a Texas Senator. Before she can cozy up to her quarry, she must get past his bodyguard, William Cassidy, her long-lost lover.

An outlaw seeking redemption, Cass was lured to Texas by the promise of a Ranger badge. But he hasn’t forgotten the sassy siren, who toyed with his heart. When Sadie proposes a truce, Cass suspects she’s hiding something.

With assassins dogging their heels, Cass and Sadie uncover a murder conspiracy in the senate. To stay alive, they must do the one thing they’re dead set against: trust each other.

A regular melting pot of characters people the pages of Devil in Texas—some of them stretch the imagination to the limit. However, every single one of them seems to have his or her own secret agenda—even the raccoon Vandy (really got a kick out of this character).

I enjoyed the author’s unique style of humor that threads through even the scary, heart-pounding happens in this story that moves from Galveston to Lampasas in the late nineteenth century.

I felt a little like I use to feel when I came in late to a movie—I had to work hard to sort out the characters and their relationships. It was not easy to sort out who was on whose side. The twists, turns and shenanigans kept me turning pages. I had about decided Asrael had gotten lost among all the characters—so surprised when this “angel of death” shows up again.

Sadie Michelson, once a cow-town “lady-of-the-night,” is now a master Pinkerton agent with lots of disguises. Determine to solve her case; she is soon at loggerheads with William Cassidy “Cass,” the man she’s loved since childhood—the man who inspires the songs she writes and sings.

Cass, no better than he has to be, is once again working for Senator Westerfall “The Baron.” They go way back, and Cass feels like he owes The Baron, who has a wife called Poppy. She is “something else–WOW.”

Cass also feels responsible for young Collie who has the raccoon Vandy for a guard animal. They aren’t too picky about what side of the law they are on as long as they find what they want. However, Cass does remember Sadie, the first girl he kissed and has never gotten over. His dream is to be a Texas Ranger.

History, humor, LOTS of important characters, action aplenty, and even a little Cajun voo-doo move the story along. By page two hundred, I knew this one was a “stay-up-late read. Even though it was hard to keep up with all the characters, I enjoyed the reading Devil in Texas.

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