Demon’s Little Lamb by Marteeka Karland

Demon’s Little Lamb by Marteeka Karland
Shadow Demons 2
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

A Shadow Demon infatuated with the enemy: Azriel Ivanovich knows the new intern he’s hired at Argent Tech comes with a price tag. It’s possible the young, sexy college grad is in bed with the people trying to stage a takeover of the company he and his brothers built as a cover for their underground activities. With the help of a former member of one of the most dangerous and influential shady organizations in the world, Azriel and the Shadow Demons are about to stage a hostel takeover of their own. Of the permanent kind.

A little lamb lost among the wolves: All Lamb Newsome wants to do is start an exciting, promising life after graduation. The little break she takes in the Florida Keys before starting her new internship started things off smashingly. There she meets a wealthy man who is familiar with Argent Tech and they hit it off from the start. Both in bed and out of it. When she finds out he’s married, things unravel quickly. The mess that follows isn’t what she expected, however. Instead of a jealous wife, she has one of the owners of the company after her. In retrospect, she realizes she really shouldn’t have fallen for the guy, but the sex is just that good.

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I don’t think the blurb does this novella justice. It’s true that Lamb, the heroine, stumbles into the middle of a corporate war, or that her brains, intellect and performance in college got her a dream job at the wrong moment in time, but Lamb has a strength to her personality that the blurb doesn’t credit. This is truly Lamb’s story. The tale is told in third person POV from Lamb’s perspective. The author did a wonderful job of writing – even though the heroine doesn’t know everything the hero is thinking, she overhears things, or people share things with her that allow a reader to find out what they want to know without head hopping or telling. It’s through dialogue and observations made by the heroine. It’s a complete picture and I appreciated that.

Lamb’s character is reflective of the current times. It’s not unheard of for a single woman to enjoy the physical side of a fling while on vacation in a sunny clime. The author explores that path with the heroine because it’s key to a plot point later on. The author provides a reader with hints that Lamb picks up on, but she doesn’t recognize the gravity of what they mean, until much, much later.

Azriel, the hero, is rich, smart, alpha, and up to something. Lamb is suspicious but after her other experience, she’s viewing her growing attachment and possible relationship with Azriel a little differently. As well she should, because the hero is like no man she’s ever known. Any similarities between the two main men in the story are surface only. Ms. Karland draws a picture of the other guy so clearly, it’s easy to believe he’s a bad man in the making. Again, just how bad is shown later on when Lamb finally has all the info she needs to know which one is the hero, and which one’s not. She’d probably pass on that scene if she could, it was quite intense.

I wanted to give this novella a higher rating because the tale is fascinating, the writing is tight where it needs to be and I enjoyed the sparks that fly between Azriel and Lamb. What made me stumble was my confusion. I recognize some names from previous stories, but that’s all they were, names, names that I felt were thrown in for effect. The other guy that pops up from time to time also startled me. What was his role? It was so tiny that it seems if he were to be cut from the story, it wouldn’t have mattered. Maybe I missed something? I do remember him playing a role in other stories, but they were important and vital to plot movements in them. But, for this novella? I don’t know, but it caused me confusion and it broke up the flow of the story, which for the most part, was otherwise quite good.

Now, this book being of the graphic relationship kind – with the bedroom door practically off its hinges, readers looking for those scenes will find them in all their spicy glory. The variety of antics should provide something for everyone.

All in all, Demon’s Little Lamb is a good read, has plenty to offer readers of the hot-off-the-charts variety of stories, and the romance between Azriel and Lamb, though a bit rocky because of the plot conflict, (which was well done) was enjoyable and entertaining. I had fun reading this novella.

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