Dancing With Fire by Maia Dylan

Dancing With Fire by Maia Dylan
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (77 pgs)
Other: M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

There is always a risk of being burned when you dance with fire…

Lucabella Strand is tired of waiting for the Firestone playboys to honor her request for a meeting. Raising rents, and hiring a musclebound douche-bag as a building manager to threaten and torment them is not how reasonable landlords treat their tenants.

Zac and Hayden Firestone have no idea they even own a residential building, and when Bella accuses them of unfair treatment they immediately deny it. Until she shows them her proof. She leaves both men reeling, but believing that she might be the one meant for them. Seeing her for the second time leaves them in shock.

A misunderstanding and a hidden secret quickly comes between them, and finding a way back together proves difficult. Will taking a chance and dancing with fire lead Bella to a future she had never thought she’d have, or will she be burned by love and left alone?

Zac and Hayden Firestone are completely taken about when firebrand Lucabella storms into their office and refuses to leave until she has some answers. Firestone Real Estate generally only owns business buildings, but they seemingly bought out the apartment complex she lives in a short time ago and have not been even close to good landlords. Lucabella won’t leave without her answers and the two brothers are completely stumped by her beauty and fiery passion. When she becomes involved with the two brothers, things become even more complicated.

I found this to be an interesting ménage story with a good amount of plot. While I found the clichéd response of the brothers when they found Bella doing some exotic dancing a bit disappointing, I couldn’t really blame them for taking everything at face value. Bella’s behavior was of course for a good reason and the brothers should have entertained that notion – but thankfully all that miscommunication was dealt with fairly early on in the story and acted as an excellent conduit for the three of them to learn about each other before the relationship really started to blossom.

Once all the doubting and frustration was over, the chemistry and sex really took off and the book became far more enjoyable to my mind. The ménage sex was wonderfully hot and I enjoyed the pacing of the relationship that grew between Hayden, Zac and Bella. I was a little surprised that once they all became intimate neither Hayden nor Zac seemed miffed at some of the “omissions” Bella had with them about her work. I felt some of that potential conflict was skimmed over because it happened right at the very end of the story and there was an awful lot of things happening all at once. I did like how the three of them really started to trust each other and while I felt the depth of love might have been a little soon it was lovely to see they were all on the same page and really getting emotionally – not just physically – committed to each other.

For a hot and action-packed threesome story this one was quite good. I enjoyed the sex and felt there was plenty of interesting plot to keep the pace and action moving forward at a good speed.

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