Dame Topaz Treasures by Carrie S. Masek

Dame Topaz Treasures by Carrie S. Masek
A Collection of Spirits, Ghosts and Magic
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (128 pgs)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Spirits, Ghosts and Magic: Five fantastical tales from the treasure chest of Dame Topaz.

The Topaz Locket: A stolen locket haunts an antiques dealer’s dreams and leads him to a woman in a coma and true love.

Special Delivery: A woman joins St. Nicholas on a very special Christmas Eve.

Trick or Treat: Two children, one witch and a magic “trick” that turns the worst Halloween ever into the most exciting…and terrifying…night of their lives.

Topaz and the Lucky Seven: In a world ruled by luck, true love may be the most powerful magic of all.

Cybergeist: A haunted computer drives a tormented teen toward the ultimate act of violence.

There is a bit of everything in this anthology. You can end up in Hell, find a locket and love, meet St. Nicholas, get tricked by a witch or find true love that’s hard to keep. It’s all fantasy and the stories are interesting reading.

The author creates stories that are different. Each one has a plot that is fascinating and captivating. They all flow well, you hope the story will turn out pleasantly, and the last story is about being in hell and trying to escape the devil.

Ms. Masek creates stories that contain magic, love, life after death and more. They are entertaining and captured my interest quickly. My favorite story was Topaz and the Lucky Seven. A young princess is to choose her mate and potential suitors come to visit. Someone is making people sick and putting them to sleep and it’s not apparent which suitor is doing this. It seems there is no hope for a happy ending, but more than one person is joyful at the end of the story. Another tale I liked: Special Delivery. An old woman visits a graveyard and sits on a bench to wait for the next bus. She gets picked up by a unique individual in van. She also finds herself able to play guardian angel with young ones.

I found all the stories easy to read and liked the variety. I’m going to buy a copy of this anthology for my personal library because I was impressed by the tales and will enjoy reading them again.

Why not give them a try and see if you can figure out how the stories will end before you get there? She teases you with the story line and I had to see just how she ended them.


  1. Aloe,
    Thank you for the lovely review! Not only is it wonderfully positive, but I love how you give teasers for some of the stories without spoiling the fun of any of them.
    Your review made my day! Thanks again!

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