Daddy’s Little Obsession by Lila Fox

Daddy’s Little Obsession by Lila Fox
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Nia Langley finds herself on her own after her father dies. The only friend she has is Aleena, and she lives several states away in Arkansas, but she talks her into moving to be close to her and her daddy.

On the way, she finds herself in a predicament and thinks she’s getting arrested until Travis shows up to bring her home. On the way, they learn that they’re perfect for each other.

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After Nia’s father died her brother’s harassment only got worse and she knew she had to leave her home. On her way to go stay near her best friend, Nia drives through the night and is surprised when she’s pulled over by police officers. Tired and confused it takes her a while to realise the man who comes to help her is going to take his new responsibility very seriously.

I haven’t read many stories about Daddy kink yet but this was an interesting and fast paced short story. I really enjoyed the set up of how Nia and Travis met and found it refreshing and different enough it didn’t come across as forced or cliched to me. I also was pleased the author gave a fair bit of time in the story for Nia and Travis to spend together to get to know each other. In a number of ways Nia was in quite a vulnerable position and was trying hard to be self-sufficient and independent. While it would have been easy for Travis to be dominant and take over a lot of Nia’s life she wasn’t portrayed in the story as really wanting that and so them getting to know each other and allow the relationship to develop more naturally felt both more romantic but also a lot more realistic to me.

I was really pleased Travis and Nia took this extra time but I was a little disappointed a lot of this happened “off screen” and we didn’t get to see too much of it. With the short length of the story I sortof understand this – particularly since there was a fair bit of other plot happening around Nia getting settled in her new town, and her abusive brother chasing after her – but Travis and Nia’s relationship was quite central to my mind and it would have been nice to see them learning more about each other and starting this new relationship.

Readers who like some steamy sex should be satisfied with this story. While there is a bit of daddy-kink, Travis and Nia start out a little more vanilla and traditional and I feel this should really suit readers who aren’t too sure about this new genre of erotica. I feel this story is a good way to dip your toe in and the story didn’t feel to me like it was too hard core.

With some interesting plot, strong characters and a few well-written supporting characters this is a great, quick read and one I enjoyed.

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