Cuffed by Melissa Snark

Cuffed by Melissa Snark
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (18 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Officer Mike Ryan is more than Eve Harris can handle. Her routine drive home goes off course when she finds herself cuffed by the tall, dark, and sensual cop. What starts out as a distressing mistake quickly soars out of control as their passions light up the Georgia night.

Eve Harris is caught speeding and is pulled over on an empty country road in the middle of the night. Mike Ryan is an officer with the King County Sheriff’s Department. He’s got lovely chocolate skin and is six foot six of strong, hard muscle, definitely not a bad sight for Eve to get an eye-full of. Flirting shamelessly with him in the hopes of getting out of the ticket. Eve discovers Mike is far stronger—and more dedicated—than she’d first realized. In the space of a few minutes she finds herself handcuffed and totally at Mike’s mercy. Cuffed and laid bare, Eve’s desires are revealed and Mike is more than up for the challenge.

This is a short but scorching hot story. Eve is a little sassy – which I really enjoyed – and Mike is a tall, hot hero, strong and sure in all things. I enjoyed the author’s style and voice, I connected immediately to both Eve and Mike and their sensual encounter. I did, however, find that there were a lot of horse similies that jarred me with how frequently they were peppered through such a short story – things like “a racehorse coming out of the gate”, “wild horses couldn’t…” and “a mare with a lusty stallion”. While the earlier analogy of a big jungle cat gave me a good mental picture of Mike, having so many in a quick story started to niggle me as a reader. Having said that – the sex is scorching, the fantasy a sensual one and the interactions of Mike and Eve is super hot.

Overall I really enjoyed this story and would certainly read more by Ms. Snark. I felt the heat not only from Eve and Mike’s interactions, but also had the clear sense of a steamy Georgia evening, out on a back country road and the luscious interlude that could follow from a bit of speeding. A fun, sizzling read – definitely keep some cool water handy!

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