Cream Puff by Demaree Iles

Cream Puff by Demaree Iles
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (179 pages)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

On the surface, Charlie LaRue is a nice guy with a pretty sweet life. He has a great home, a lasting marriage, and owns the best bakery in Ransom, Louisiana. But Charlie’s not happy. When you’ve been pushed around your whole life, you either learn to deal with it or you don’t; Charlie accepted that long ago as the cost of living. His acceptance, however, had a larger price than expected.

With his seventieth birthday fast approaching, a series of debilitating headaches have Charlie questioning his choices. He hardly sleeps anymore and hallucinates while struggling to make a wedding cake worthy of his daughter’s lavish third wedding. Meanwhile his golden anniversary looms, and his insatiable wife and daughter continue to make more demands than ever.

A shadowy secret even Charlie is unaware of, however, is about to be revealed. Once unleashed—for good or evil—there will be consequences.

Cream Puff as a murder weapon? Maybe – we’ll never know.

Charlie is an almost seventy year old overworked baker who makes the most delicious cakes and breads. This made me like him right from the start. Who wouldn’t like a man who can do such wonderful work? Unfortunately his family doesn’t appreciate him. His wife is vastly overweight and doesn’t go out, not even to the third marriage of their spoiled daughter, Ruby. Both women look at Charlie more as an open checkbook, than as someone to love. The only member of his family to love him had been his son Tommy, but this wonderful person was no longer of this world.

The story kept me reading. Charlie is a wonderful character and the story is shown from inside his head, his thoughts, his memories, his headaches, his feeling that he is going mad. Does he commit murder – and does he remember what he has done during his memory blackouts? I loved beginning, middle and ending of the book, although I won’t give a spoiler, it is well worth reading to the last page.

Well written with no problems of flow, grammar or spelling. Demaree Iles has written a comprehensive murder  mystery book which made me understand why murder might be – perhaps not a good idea – but acceptable in some cases.

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