Craving Tara by Lila Fox

Craving Tara by Lila Fox
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Since her mom became sick, Tara’s had to work hard, even doing things she never thought she would consider in order to pay the bills.

Soon after meeting Traeger, the sexy and broody VP, she agrees to come live with the Devil’s Sons MC and cook for them. She moves to the clubhouse, but she’s unsure if it’s the right place for her. While her mom is being taken care of by professionals, Tara needs to find out where she fits in.

Traeger takes one look at Tara and knows she’s his. He just has to get over the guilt of his last girlfriend’s death to move on with Tara. Can he make peace with his past before he loses his chance at love again?

Tara had needed to quit her regular job when her mother got sick, needing to earn more money with less hours left her with only the one option – stripping. While she adored dancing, she hated how tiring it was and how little she enjoyed the stripping. Still, she was determined to do everything she could for her mother. Traeger had been devastated when his previous girlfriend had been killed right in front of him. For years, no one else had stirred him since that moment until he met Tara. Innocent but strong, self-conscious but full of fire she drew him and Traeger almost felt as if he was ready to try again for something as difficult and painful as love.

I really enjoyed this longer length MC story. Tara and her bff Amelia are interesting and modern women who are both in difficult situations but don’t let the stress of their positions drag them down too much. I particularly enjoyed how while there was attraction between Tara and Traeger (and Amelia and Fury) neither women just rolled right over and jumped into bed with their respective men. They all took some time to interact together and try to adjust to their new positions and lives before making a commitment or delving into something that would have been painful and messy to undo. It helped me as a reader to get a bit more comfortable with their respective situations and allowed me to see the depth of friendship and genuine love between Tara and Amelia as they both navigated their new and rocky romantic relationship with their respective men.

I also felt there was plenty of conflict and tension in the plot – Traeger still feels guilt a number of years later about the murder of his previous girlfriend, which was a different and really interesting plotline for me reading an MC romance. I also thought while a little predictable, the club whores being so antagonistic to Tara and Amelia added a good bit of tension to the story as well.

While the sex was hot and intimate I was pleased that Tara and Traeger both clearly became emotionally connected to each other and it wasn’t just purely physical. Readers looking for a spicily hot, explicit MC style of romance novel should find this really suits their purposes. I enjoyed the other guys in the club and even thought the author did a good job introducing what I expect might be the next story’s heroine toward the end.

With realistic and interesting characters and plenty of steamy sex this is a great read and a story I really enjoyed.

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