Conquer by Angelique Voisen

Conquer by Angelique Voisen
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (72 pages)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Most people fear the dark. Some embrace it. Blackened windows, a 400-square feet self-made prison, and a loyal Welsh corgi—that’s the extent of former soldier Matthew Ash’s world. Matt’s tasted hell’s battlefield. He wears the scars on his skin and soul to prove it. Matt’s agoraphobia keeps his demons out and that’s all that matters.

Burnt-out MMA fighter Will Grove is having the worst year of his life. His boyfriend just broke up with him and he lost the fight of the decade. Will moves into a new town, seeking a fresh start. Everyone tells him to watch out for the crazy recluse, but Will makes his own rules. One glimpse is all Will needs to recognize a man whose mind is fucked-up as his own.

Matt’s certain Will’s going to run. Will’s out to prove this is one fight he’s not going to lose.

When Will moves to a new town to lick his wounds and quietly work his way back to fighting again he never imagined he would find a man he wants to fight for and be with more than he wants to be in the ring. All he knows is that the man in the next apartment never leaves his home, even to the point of having his groceries delivered. Will is intrigued by this but what he finds is not a crazy man but a wounded soul in need of help. Help that Will can and is more than willing to give but will Matthew accept that help?

Matthew and Will’s story is an intriguing read. Matthew has come back from the military a broken man. He hides away in his apartment with only his dog for company. He longs to be free, but his pain and fears will not let him. When Will moves in next door to him his world is turned upside down. Will brings Matthew back into the world. Their attraction is strong and the more time they spend together the more Matthew wants. It was nice to see Matthew begin to break out of his shell and try to work towards overcoming his fears. Will is a good man and he fights hard for those that he loves, and he sees Matthew as worth fighting for. Will must make a hard choice and figure out just what he wants from life. I enjoyed seeing Will overcome his own problems as he fights for Matthew. Will has learned the hard way who he can trust and who truly cares about him. Now he must prove to Matthew that he can be trusted, and he will not only win in the ring but in the heart as well.

Matthew and Will’s adventure is a roller coaster ride full of emotions. It was nice to see the two men find what they need in each other. The unusualness of their situation had me engaged in their story from the start and kept me engaged all the way to the end.

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