Colton on the Run by Anna J Stewart

Colton on the Run by Anna J Stewart
The Coltons of Roaring Springs series
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full length (186 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Where is Skye Colton?

One woman’s disappearance rocks Roaring Springs
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When he finds a half-dead woman stranded in his barn, rancher Leo Slattery feels his blood run cold. Though she can’t remember who she is, she insists someone is trying to kill her. With his strong protective streak, Leo brings her into the fold and helps her heal. As they begin to solve the mystery of Jane Doe’s identity, a would-be killer works to eliminate her—forever.

Skye Colton can’t remember her name, her past, or her how came to be kidnapped but she has no problem at all seeing her future in the form of one sexy cowboy by the name of Leo Slatterly.

Colton on the Run is my first introduction to the Coltons of Roaring Springs series. Each book is written a different author but revolve around the same close knit family. It was interesting to get glimpses of the family as Skye’s memory slowly returned. Speaking of her memories returning, I liked how the author let that play out. It was realistic but she didn’t let it slow the pace of the story.

In true Harlequin fashion, Leo and Skye both feel an immediate connection. Not so much love at first site or even lust. Just electric and palpable. I could tell right away that chemistry wasn’t going to be a problem for these two.

PTSD that can arise from different forms of trauma is a theme in this story for both Skye and in regards to Leo’s deceased father. I thought the author handled the subject very well. Leo is acutely aware of how truly traumatized Skye is even if he doesn’t know the details. He’s gentle and encouraging to her and that won so many points with this reader.

The way Ms. Stewart introduces the bad guy creates a true feeling of evil and of a crazy psycho for sure. She let’s us inside his head, see his thoughts and plans, feel his excitement building at the thought of hurting someone again. The book opens with Skye in trouble and there’s no doubt that more of the same is on its way.

My first impression of the author’s writing was how vivid and ‘in the moment’ it put this reader. I like that and honestly look for it writers that I might want to read again in the future. This story has a steady pace and the right mix of action, mystery and romance. There’s obviously more to come from Roaring Springs since the serial killer has yet to caught. Plenty of reason for a return visit with the next installment.

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