Castaways in Time by Robert Adams

Castaways in Time by Robert Adams
Castaways in Time #1
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Length: Full length (215 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia


It was a storm to end all storms, and when it was over Sebastian Foster and his five unexpected house guests–all refugees from the fury of the wind and rain–should have been happy just to be alive. But when the clouds finally cleared, the world outside Bass’s home was no longer the twentieth-century America they all knew.

Instead, through some bizarre twist in time, the six of them had ended up in England’s past. But it was a past that never existed in any history book, a place where the Church was waging a holy war to depose Arthur III and make his nephew king of England and Wales.

Thrust into this barbaric world of bloody combat, the time travelers were quick to realize that their modern weapons and knowledge could change the whole course of this England’s future–and maybe help them find their way home again–if the warring factions didn’t destroy them before they even had a chance to get started…

Does Bass have what it takes to survive hundreds of years in the past?

I’ve always thought the idea of traveling into the past was an interesting premise. The possibility of time travel always stirs up a multitude of questions in my mind. Would modern men and women be able to survive the harsh realities of the past? If so, what impact would modern knowledge of medicine and technology have on the past? Would time travelers advance civilization more quickly? What would be the cost of such actions? With these thoughts buzzing around in my mind, I eagerly dove into Castaways in Time curious of how my questions would be answered in this tale.

Bass is a very humble and honorable man, and I liked him almost immediately. His military training and experience with weapons make him a perfect, if accidental time traveler. His ability to keep his wits about him in a crisis definitely saves him and allows him to not only survive, but thrive in a time so different from his own. I am amazed at how quickly Bass, Krystal and some of the others acclimate to living in such a foreign environment. I would have expected them to miss the comforts of modern life more or to make a concentrated effort to return to their own world. However, Bass immediately throws himself into the thick of things in this parallel Earth and hardly gives another thought to his own past.

I do wish the relationships in this story would have been a bit more developed. It is clear that Bass cares deeply for Krystal and the men he fights alongside, but very little of the book is spent cultivating those bonds. The bulk of the book is devoted to describing the many long battles Bass finds himself in, and there are several lengthy passages that explain the history of this world and some of the ways it differs from our own. This slowed the pace of the story quite a bit, but since I enjoy history, this was not a big issue for me. However, the pace was also slowed by the language contained in the story. I found the dialects of the various groups hard to follow. I had to read very slowly to be sure I understood what they were saying. It was also hard for me to keep all the names and ranks of the nobility and various family lines straight. This is definitely not a book to race through. Time and patience are required to enjoy this tale.

Despite this issue, I enjoyed reading Castaways in Time. I particularly liked the ending. It was satisfying but it also raised more questions in my mind about the how Bass ended up in a parallel world in the first place. My curiosity is piqued and I’ll be starting the next book in this series very soon

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