Captive Bride by Sandi Hampton

Captive Bride by Sandi Hampton
 Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (131 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

Kidnapped at the altar on her wedding day by masked men and whisked away up into the mountains, Abigail O’Sullivan fears for her life. She recognizes her kidnapper–an Indian boy she fell in love with years ago, just before they were torn apart.
Davy Larson seeks revenge for his father’s murder. When he discovers that Abby’s father now owns his land, he seeks answers to his questions, and to get those answers, he takes something Samuel O’Sullivan cherishes–his daughter.

Reunited under dangerous circumstances, can Abigail care for a man who wants to take her father’s life? Will Davy’s feelings and desire for his long-lost love withstand the taboos of society? Or can their love be captured for all time?

Abigail O’Sullivan might not be marrying the “Love-of-her-Life” but what bride wishes to be kidnapped on her wedding day? Even if the one doing the kidnapping happens to be an Indian boy that she has loved once when she was a young girl?

Davy Larson is a devastated man. He finds his father murdered and his father’s land in the hands of a man who happens to be the father of Abigail O’Sullivan. Davy wants answers, so to get them he decides to make a trade; he’ll return Mr. O’Sullivan’s daughter, Abigail, if he gets the answers that he seeks. But as with all good stories, the plot thickens when the kidnapper and kidnap-ee discover they still have feelings for one another.

Captive Bride is a engaging little novella. Ms. Hampton did a beautiful describing the time period and drawing this reader into the setting. While I would have liked to have had a chance to actually see the budding romance there was enough detail sprinkled in to let me know imagine how it might have happened. I also felt that the story was a bit predictable as there were no surprises but I did enjoy the fact that the romance was detailed. It felt like a western as the tension between the “pioneer settlers” and “Native Americans” was present. There’s also a bit of mystery to be solved. Davy has a vested interest in finding out who killed his father and why. Besides the romance, I was interested to see Ms. Hampton would work out the questions Davy had and how he and Abigail would find their HEA.

This is the first story that I have read of Sandi Hampton’s and I can see that she has an abundance of promise in her future if she continues her romance writing! I am looking forward to reading another story from this writer soon.

This was a pleasant read and I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys a sweet romance with just enough heat to make it a little spicy. Readers who enjoy the idea of being stolen away should check this out. I was held captive by this tale of lovers reunited.

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