By Any Other Name by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

By Any Other Name by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

DEA agent Riley Scanlon and teacher Olivia Thackery were deep in love when they renovated an old house in Arkansas and planned for their April wedding.

When a fire swept through Riley’s mobile home, Olivia refuses tp accept his death but as the months pass, her head knows the truth but her heart still holds hope. A dream sends her to Memphis, Tennessee, on a wild goose chase search for her lost love although it’s a long shot.

In a chance meeting, she finds him on Beale Street only to realize that the danger is greater than she could have ever imagined and their lives are about to change, irrevocably and forever.

Gripping, emotional and lovely.

I love the work of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy. She writes well and I’m always drawn into the stories. This one was no different. I couldn’t get enough of Riley and Olivia’s tale. It pulled at my heartstrings and made me want more.

This is an emotional book. Olivia is about to marry the man of her dreams, but his trailer burns to the ground, and she believes he’s dead. I can’t imagine being in her shoes and I don’t want to say I enjoyed, but rather, I appreciated the journey she went on with her emotions. The author showed these well and I was immersed in the story. I felt for Olivia.

This one had serious feels throughout. If you’re looking for a story that’s got a few twists and turns, moves fast and will leave you happy, then this is the one you’re looking for. Check it out.

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