Bullied By The Boss by Sam Crescent

Bullied By The Boss by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (157 Pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Rex Donovan is an asshole. He gets what he wants, and right now he doesn’t want Nora Covington as his PA. After screwing all the other women who’ve worked for him, Rex doesn’t know how to handle Nora. She’s the type of woman that men don’t screw around with, and she’s also one of the hardest working women he has ever known. But instead of showing her any appreciation, he treats her like shit.

Nora hates her boss. He’s a horrible person. After a particularly bad incident in the office, she goes looking for a new job. She doesn’t want to work anywhere else, but she can’t take anymore.

But then an argument fuels a moment of passion between them, and for Rex there is no backing down. He wants her, and he’s going to have her, even if no one can know.

But secrets only last so long, and when Rex’s temper gets the better of him, all could be lost. Nora is pregnant with his baby, and now wants nothing to do with him. Is there any way for him to win her back?

Bullied By The Boss is a steamy stand alone novel by Sam Crescent. I always love her books and the vivid characters that she brings to life in my imagination. This one was extra hot and very emotional. This story was a definite page turner for me.

I’ve never wanted to smack the hero as bad as I did Rex for being so mean to Nora. Sam Crescent has a special talent for giving her readers a bad boy alpha hero who they will want to see redeemed. In the beginning Rex acted awful toward Nora. I hated him and so did Nora. I smiled when she finally stood up to the bully. It was then that Rex realized the real reason behind his actions is because he had been attracted to her all along. Nora was a nice girl who went out of her way to help everyone. She did not make it easy for Rex to earn her trust or her forgiveness. I liked that about her. It showed her strength.

Sam Crescent’s writing was especially good on this one. The fast flowing story captured my attention on the first few pages. I loved the vivid characters, although with Rex it was more of a love to hate feeling. As usual, the hot sex scenes had me fanning myself. There was also an interesting appearance by Alaric from The Enemy’s Daughter.

I liked everything about this book.

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