Broken by Elise Faber

*Broken by Elise Faber
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

He was forty years old.
He was single.
He had his dream job as GM of the Baltimore Breakers hockey franchise, and he was happy.


Because the woman he was in love with was married.

To a perfectly nice man who loved her and cared for her and treated her like the queen she was.

But then Lexi showed up at his house, tears in her eyes, Caleb out of the picture, and he finally had a shot.

A real shot.

At love.

The trouble was that Luc had spent almost the entirety of his adult life running from love. He didn’t do relationships, not any longer.

But . . . Lexi was hurt, absolutely devastated, and she needed care and gentleness and deserved all of the romance in the world.

So he needed to man up and find a way to convince her to give him that shot.

I loved reading Broken, it is a beautifully written story about Luc and Lexi. Luc, a former hockey player, is now the GM for the Baltimore Breakers hockey team. Luc immediately falls for Lexi, when she starts working for the Breakers as their attorney. When Luc finds out Lexi is married and he realizes he can’t date her, he becomes her best friend. Until Luc finally has a chance to win Lexi when she divorces her husband.

Elise Faber is one of my favorite authors. I think she is a wonderful storyteller and she does a fantastic job in telling Luc and Lexis’ story. I found this story to be light and refreshing with great plot weaving. The characters are well developed and realistic and I loved reading their story. At times I found this story to be both heartbreaking and heartwarming and there is a lot of underlying tension zinging between Luc and Lexi. It is slow burn at its finest and I loved all the interactions between Luc and Lexi; as two best friends slowly fall in love.

Luc is a good guy and the perfect boyfriend. I loved the way he treats Lexi; he is so patient with her and he never wavers in his feelings for her. Luc is charming, thoughtful and caring and totally dedicated to Lexi.

Luc and Lexi have so much passion about life, their relationship and for each other. They are perfect together. I never wanted this story to end and I loved being in Luc and Lexi’s world. I felt all their emotions as they were going through them and I enjoyed all their interactions. As an added bonus, this story takes place in the world of hockey, where Luc and Lexi both work and I love any book about hockey. I thoroughly enjoyed this upbeat story.

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