Breaking the Rules by Emily Forbes/Hot-Shot Doc Comes to Town by Susan Carlisle


Breaking the Rules by Emily Forbes/Hot-Shot Doc Comes to Town by Susan Carlisle
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (378 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

“Breaking the Playboy’s Rules The emptiness of the Outback couldn’t be more different from London, yet isolation and solitude is just what heartbroken nurse Emma Matheson needs. But flying medic and notorious ladies’ man Harry Connor can’t put his undeniable attraction to Emma on autopilot. And as their feelings grow stronger Harry finds that he’s not following procedure… Hot-Shot Doc Comes to Town When city doc Taylor Stiles swaps speeding tickets for community medicine it brings back bad memories. The only silver lining? Delectable doctor Shelby Wayne! But Shelby deserves a home and family – something Taylor’s sworn he’ll never have… One look at the bad-boy doc and Shelby wants to send him straight back! Taylor is the last thing she needs – but everything she wants!”

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Both authors have a very descriptive style. Both are distinctive. I blew through this pair of stories in a matter of a couple hours. Couldn’t put them down.

First, let me talk about Breaking the Playboy’s Rules. Harry is a piece of work. He’s all about bucking tradition, even when it’s planning and tradition that he craves. He’s got swagger and charisma. Loved reading about him and seeing him bumble with flair through life to find what he wanted.

Emma was easy to relate to. I’m not a nursing type. I can’t stand blood, so I give her all the props in the world. I liked how she succumbed to Harry, but I also liked the reality of her situation. She’s torn. Fall for the playboy or chase her own dream–whatever that dream happens to be. It’s a great story and I’m glad I got to read it.

Now, there’s also Hot-Shot Doc Comes to Town in this pairing. Susan Carlisle delivers a strong story in this one and again, I cheered for these two. I liked Taylor and Shelby. They are so easy to relate to. Both have sworn off love and want their careers to blossom. Neither character is perfect and maybe that’s what drew me to them the most. They’ve got idiosyncrasies that make them human. This story also reminded me a lot of Doc Hollywood. He’s hot and ready to move up, but there she is seemingly holding him back. But whose to say holding back is giving up? You’ll have to read to find out.

Do you want a great set of stories guaranteed to make you smile? Then these are the books for you.


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