Bought Bride for the Argentinian by Sharon Kendrick

Bought Bride for the Argentinian by Sharon Kendrick
Publisher: Harlequin Presents
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (224 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

The Argentinian returns…

With a shocking proposal!

Alejandro Sabato, the unforgettable man from Emily Green’s past, has hired the PR executive to redeem his playboy reputation. She suggests he take a convenient wife to show he’s changed. What she doesn’t expect is Alejandro’s insistence that she take on the role! Emily is dangerously aware of the enduring desire still sparking between them. But can she risk her heart again when she’s only a bride on paper?
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Turn the page and begin this marriage of convenience…

The story opens up with a sensitive scene with an aging horse. Very soon after, the hero arrives to save the horse, but his motives are like an iceberg, I only saw the tip of the conflict. His effect on Emily, the heroine, is rather telling. These romance waters are turbulent and run deep. What fun!

It’s stories like these that make me glad that they are told in the third person point of view. I can see that Alej and Emily are both hurting. I was curious as to what happened. You know, what tied them together in the beginning, and what could bond them now? How could they possibly find common ground with so much angst and past history in the way to have a future? This is a romance after all. And, Alej is the perfect alpha male with attitude so that gets in the way, too.

This is the typical ‘convenient marriage” plot with a twist. They used to want the real thing, badly. Then external forces overwhelmed Emily, and being so young, didn’t stand a chance against the force of more experienced, hardened people around her. I felt bad, at first. Then, I realized the crux of the plot is to have them fall in love now, as the people they’ve become with the baggage of their life’s experiences. Being more mature, more realistic and with a passion that has more of an impact, what kind of fireworks would come from their clash of wills? Bought Bride for the Argentinian is classic romantic brain candy.

The scenes between the two were spicy and the bedroom door, and wherever else it happened, was wide open. Alejandro’s seduction of Emily was blatant and the descriptions left nothing to the imagination. Fortunately, there’s a lot of emotional byplay and push/pull of their personalities to see the romance advance; to see the hero’s perception change, little by little, to see him open up just that teensy weensy bit, giving Emily hope things could be worked out.

The one element that is classic is the hero’s propensity to justify every devious thing he does as payback. His emotions are volatile and his desire for revenge is paramount – or so he thinks. Why would someone want to go to THOSE lengths if he despised a person? Why would he buy certain things for a person he wanted revenge against? His actions belied his words. I liked it when Emily pushed back. She stood up to him just as a great heroine should.

The happy ever after was fulfilled by the epilogue. Since the characters were written well, I cared for them. The message of forgiveness was sweet, poignant and very satisfying. I enjoyed reading Bought Bride for the Argentinian.

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