Boots and the Heartbreaker by Myla Jackson

Boots and the Heartbreaker by Myla Jackson
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (76 Pages)
Other: M/F, Toys
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

In cahoots to break up a romance…they wind up rekindling their own.

Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 11

Colin McFarlan’s back is against the wall. Two brothers have caved to their mother’s threat to sell the ranch if they don’t get married and give her grandkids—now it’s his turn. Too bad the only woman he’s ever loved is the one who came between him and his brother Brody.

When Fancy returns to Temptation, he’s determined to steer clear of the gorgeous real estate agent, who looks good whether dressed up in a pencil skirt or dressed down in cowboy boots.

Fancy Wilson made mistakes. Getting engaged to Brody was the first. Weeping in Colin’s arms—and falling into his bed—on the night she and Brody broke up was the second. She’s not adding to her sins by falling for Colin all over again. She’s had enough heartache.

Yet when Colin asks her to help break up a romance between his mother and the notorious town heartbreaker, she can’t resist. But soon they’re scrambling to undo the damage they’ve done…before it destroys their last chance for happiness.

Warning: Breaking up is hard to do, but reunion sex can be oh, so fine!

This book was a great read! I started reading it late at night and only meant to read a few pages and then continue on the next day. That was a mistake, because I got so caught up that I read straight through to the end without once putting it down. I enjoyed every page.

Colin McFarlan’s mother really wanted her three sons to get married and start living their own lives so she had given them an ultimatum to marry or she would sell the ranch. Colin’s brothers have fallen in love already so now it’s his turn or else the time is running out. The problem is that this cowboy has been burned by a love that came between him and his brother Brody. Poor Colin was so frustrated by his mother’s ultimatum and irritated at her flirtation with the town heartbreaker that he gets involved with the one woman he has never quite forgotten. I couldn’t help feeling bad for Colin and Fancy. They had tried moving on but hadn’t been able to get past the fallout from their one night together. Plenty of mistakes were made as the past kept coming between them in one way or another.

I enjoyed this short story. I loved the second chance at romance part, and I especially enjoyed the sizzling love scenes. It had a fast pace and defined characters. I absolutely loved the emotions. Colin and Fancy were both wonderfully flawed and vulnerable. Colin was adorable, but he kept jumping to conclusions and messing things up. Fancy was so wary of getting hurt again that she almost messed things up herself by pushing him away. I also enjoyed the secondary story that Myla Jackson subtly slipped into the mix that involved Colin’s mom and Fancy’s uncle. Most of all I adored the funny lightheartedness of the plot. It had a few laugh out loud moments that involved Colin’s clumsy jealousy and Fancy and a cable guy.

For the record, Boots and the Heartbreaker is book eleven in the Ugly Stick Saloon Series by Myla Jackson. This is a blazing hot series that is well written with relatable characters. I’ve enjoyed each amazing story in this series. This one was a fantastic read and I can’t wait for more.

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