Bones by Ainsley Cole

Bones by Ainsley Cole
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (98 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Braedon “Bones” Roberts is used to getting his own way. As leader of Black Dove Security, he runs an efficient and often deadly team of operatives who specialize in keeping the rich and famous safe. There isn’t a situation in the world he can’t tackle and come out on top of…until he meets Witty and smart Doctor Abigail Baker, the lead scientist who’s tasked with discovering the cause of mass bleeding deaths in the Kenyan desert.

Abigail grinds on Bones’ nerves with her forthright honesty, but he can’t keep her out of his mind and his dirty fantasies, and before long, they’re closing in on becoming more than colleagues in a dangerous realm.

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Bones has a decision to make—keep Abigail in Kenya to find out what is causing the disease, or flee from the militia and protect her life.

Either way, he’s playing with fire, and at the center of it all, she’s a woman he’d lay down his life for.

Braedon “Bones” Roberts leads a team of professionals, and while their work is second to none, in his private life Bones has a less than stellar track record. Dr Abigail Baker is determined to get into Kenya and recover some virus samples and have her team returned home safely. Black Dove Security have been recommended to make sure the militia is kept at bay and keep trouble at bay. Only Abigail and Bones hadn’t expected for there to be such chemistry between them, threatening to mess up both their plans.

I enjoyed this fast paced story. Bones’ team is full of characters and clearly the author plans a story for each of them. I was delighted that Bones wasn’t just the leader of the group but was a complicated and multi-layered character that I really enjoyed getting to know over the course of the story. While at first he might have appeared as a playboy it quickly became apparent that there was a lot more to him and I was pleased he proved early on that he deserved to be the leader of their team and didn’t take it for granted. Abigail’s character took me a little longer to warm up to. While smart and sensitive I had mixed feelings about her being so out of her element in Kenya. There were a few really stupid mistakes on her part – like not thinking they’d need a translator in a tiny African village, or just assuming their basic attempts to contain the virus would be just fine and not having any contingencies or back up plan. On the one hand this made Abigail feel more human and fallible to me and I could relate to her better, but I also thought it was deeply stupid and slightly arrogant on her behalf, too.

I enjoyed how there were a number of layers to the story which I felt kept it complicated and interesting – but also kept the pace moving forward quickly. The medical/virus story was well written and I felt it was a solid plotline. There were a few surprises in both Abigail and Bones’ past which kept me on my toes and helped keep the story feel fresh as the focus shifted around. This, coupled with the interesting security team with the group of different characters as well as the sexual chemistry smoldering between Bones and Abigail the story had a good flow and pace and I really enjoyed it. With plenty of action and the delicious back-drop of Kenya added into the mix this is a story I feel should appeal to a wide range of readers.

This is a great story and one I thoroughly enjoyed reading – I’m eagerly looking forward to the second in the series.

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