Blue 52 by Elaine Cantrell

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Blue 52 by Elaine Cantrell
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Paranormal (Time Travel), Science Fiction (Futuristic)
Length: Full (368 pgs)
Heat: Sensual
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Poppy

“First Lady Kills President Lovinggood”
December 29, 2018

Thirty years later Hank Lovinggood embarks on a quest to prove his mother’s innocence and punish the killers who took his family from him. Together Hank and lovely physicist Kathryn Sinclair confront an implacable, twisted, merciless enemy who’ll do whatever it takes to hide the truth forever.

If you like a good time travel story (with a twist … since none of the times in this story are contemporary — the earliest was 2018) and some sweet romance, then Blue 52 might be a good choice for you.

I enjoyed this book, primarily for the characters. While Hank and Kathryn are the main characters, Ms. Cantrell populates the book with plenty of colorful, three dimensional secondary characters. Hank’s grandfather is great, though his grandmother annoyed me pretty consistently. I loved his father, when we finally get to meet him. Definitely presidential material!

The plot is relatively complex and although even 2048 feels pretty similar to current day, there are enough things put in that the reader is made aware that things aren’t contemporary, from longer life spans to … well… time travel.

The author’s way with words is great, and it really kept me turning pages. She’s not heavy handed with description, but I could always picture where I was. The romance is sweet, and while the couple do consummate their relationship, it’s off the page.

I thought the ending was handled very well, and I was pleased at how the author handled the effects of time travel. Yes, things were changed in the past, so the future was also changed, but it all made good sense to me.

For an enjoyable read with a relatively plausible plot (as long as you can believe time travel is possible), and a sweet and touching romance, I recommend Blue 52. I enjoyed it very much and will be on the lookout for more from this author.


  1. Elise-Maria Barton says:

    Great review but who says time travel isn’t possible LOL 🙂 I thought that’s what reading was for~ making the impossible real. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Thanks for your review. I’m glad you liked the book.

  3. Elise, thanks for commenting, and of course you are right!

  4. What a great review. Makes me want to run out and get this book at once..

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  6. Rita Wray says:

    Thank you for the review. I love Time Travel and can’t wait to read the book.

  7. Thanks so much for the review!

  8. Nice you enjoyed the book

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