Blind Allegiance by Violetta Rand

Blind Alliegiance
Blind Allegiance by Violetta Rand
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (240 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rated: 3.5 Stars
Review by Rose

It’s a risk of a lifetime loving a man you’re supposed to hate…

Betrayed by a brother she hardly trusted before the bloodthirsty Viking, Jarl Randvior Sigurdsson, attacks her home, Noelle Sinclair is conveniently bartered as a means to save her cowardly sibling’s skin. Forced to leave her homeland and accompany the petulant Viking to the untamed wilderness of central Norway, Noelle is ever-aware of the burgeoning dangers around her—including her weakening resolve to resist Randvior.

Should Noelle surrender to his resplendent charms and seduction, or fight with every ounce of strength she possesses to get home?

Blind Allegiance is a historical novel set in an era I’m not very familiar with– the time of the Vikings. The romance is between Randvior Sigurdsson, a Viking chief and worshiper of Odin, and the devoutly Christian Britain, Noelle. Bartered to him by her brother as payment for leaving the family home intact, Noelle is repulsed, while at the same time, intrigued and attracted to Randivior.

The storyline, especially after the couple is on the ship heading back to Norway, moves smoothly. The beginning of the book was a little confusing as we are set right down in the middle of the action and it took me a little while to know what was going on.

The book also read more like a more modern historical romance instead of being set as far back in time as it was. While the story was interesting and I really liked the characters, I never had the feeling that I was actually in the 11th century.

However, the characters more than made up for that–Randivior is a man of honor who, having seen Noelle in a vision sent from Father Odin, is sure she’s his fate. So, he sets about to make that happen. The interaction between him and Noelle as they move from enemies to being physically lovers and then to falling in love is interesting. Noelle is seduced into a physical relationship, but still keeps a part of herself back–and that’s the part Randivior wants to claim. Unfortunately, his mother doesn’t make it easy on them.

Overall, it was refreshing to read a historical romance outside the norm. Even better, this is the first of a series, and I’m looking forward to the next books.


  1. Mary Preston says:

    It’s always exciting to read the first in a great series.


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  3. Debbie Carney says:

    Sounds like a great new series , look forward to reading it

  4. A very interesting unique story line. Don’t read many stories about Vikings.

  5. Karen H in NC says:

    Thanks for this review. I read primarily historical romances set in the 19th century and very rarely do I find a book written in a period such as this one. It wouldn’t normally be on my radar if I hadn’t read your review. It makes me want to get a copy. Thanks for pointing in the direction of this author and her work.

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  6. Hello Karen, I hope you enjoy the book. Vikings are such an integral part of world history.

  7. I appreciate the honest review! I’m really intrigued by this novel.


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