Black Gold by Augustine Sam

Black Gold by Augustine Sam
Publisher: Authorsuite Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (156 pages)
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Stargazer

They are young and carefree and broke. But one multinational company will alter their fate…

Femi and Jessica, a lowly interracial couple with 1st Class degrees in Chemistry and Economics, land two spectacular job offers within the first week of graduation. A free trip to New York to assess the first offer transforms their bleak honeymoon into a dream.

What they don’t know is that undisclosed details of the deal will pitch them against each other and drag them to the place where dreams end and nightmares begin.
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Will their fragile marriage survive the greed, the captivating allure of Black Gold, and that vile, ancient tradition that seeks to determine who should be married and to whom?

The world of oil is more than just money and politics.

Femi and his wife, Jessica, are new college graduates on their honeymoon when Femi is presented with two amazing job offers in his field of chemistry. Both positions offer him the world, but both positions come with strings attached. The downside is that both positions will try his own ethics and perception of his world.

Black Gold is an interesting take from the inside of the oil industry. The author, Augustine Sam, brings deep research and insight into the world of Black Gold. He also overlays the social and societal perceptions of the relationship between Femi and Jessica as well as the cultural background which has deep undertones within the oil negotiations.

While the story has a believable plot, backstory, and great research; I feel that there could have been much more description and stronger dialogue throughout the story. Several parts of the story felt rushed, as through the author was interested in the direction of the story, but felt that the current section of the story was not as important to the overall development. One such event is Femi’s homecoming which almost feels out of place and not central to the overall storyline.

Overall the editing was clean and the central plot was strong. While description could have been more in depth and the dialogue more interactive, the suspense and twists throughout the entire book are riveting. The politics involved and the set-ups between two powers in the oil world make the central plot more explosive and entertaining. The story was fun and an interesting take into the world which few are truly privy to.

If you are looking for an interesting read that will give you a different perspective on the oil industry; make sure you don’t miss Black Gold!

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