Bad Girl Gone Good by Kenzie Mack

Bad Girl Gone Good by Kenzie Mack
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (62 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Jill Whitney uses her independent lifestyle to keep her heartbreak hidden. Her carefree attitude worked for years, but casual hook-ups no longer leave her satisfied. Perhaps it’s time to open more than her legs to the next man she desires.

When Kyle Darren lost his wife and parents within months, his life became joyless and gray. A fresh start in a new city fails to relieve his dark funk. Until he meets a woman who infuses his world with color and opens his heart to new possibilities.

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Until recently, Jill had found plenty of sexy satisfaction from hot, no-strings-attached flings from handsome strangers. But after eight non-orgasmic interludes she knew something needed changing up to get her back on her game. For years she’d used quick sex and fleeting orgasms to run from her past pain and family’s betrayal. Much as Jill was loathe to admit it, maybe it was time for her to allow a man access to more than just her panties?

I found this to be an interesting and steamy read. I was pleased that there was a lot more complexity and depth to Jill than just a burned woman seeking gratification in an endless stream of men. Under her blasé attitude and string of conquests she was relatable and vulnerable – both characteristics which I could understand and appreciate. Kyle, was also more than just a shy nerd feeling slightly depressed and quite lonely in a new town. I enjoyed watching these two characters circle each other and try to work out what, exactly, lay between them.

It was delightfully refreshing to me how Kyle, initially at least, simply wanted friendship with Jill. I was amused how much this perplexed her – it was completely different from most of her previous experience and totally threw her for a loop. But while Kyle could feel attraction to Jill, he still mourned the death of his wife and I found it just wonderful how for a change it was the hero who needed time and space to sort his feelings out and come around to an intimate relationship. I thought this change-up in the usual stereotypes, as well as the balance between building a proper, romantic relationship and keeping the sensuality simmering between Kyle and Jill was handled really well by the author.

Sexy and romantic, this story checked a lot of the boxes for me and I really found myself interested and invested in Kyle and Jill’s relationship. The conflict aspect of the story was quite clichéd (I could see it coming from a mile off) and while it was understandable and realistic a part of me felt let down that it was so predictable. I was extremely relieved that this misunderstanding was put right very quickly and even to a degree helped Kyle and Jill deepen their relationship. The slower pace of the growing relationship between Jill and Kyle, their characters and complexities were all really well written and quite refreshing to me. The sex, when it finally came, was scorching hot and the perfect level of naughty.

With an interesting and slightly different style of plot and two really relatable and intriguing characters overall I found this short story to be a great read. Recommended.

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