An Uncertain Cure by Richard A. Berjian

An Uncertain Cure by Richard A. Berjian
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (84 pages pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Stargazer

The enticing promise of research funding lures surgeon, Parker Dawson, to Greeley University Medical Center to continue his work in cancer. But little can he imagine that within a year, he’ll be facing a charge of first degree murder.

Dawson’s life turns into a nightmare on the first day he walks through Greeley’s doors when he’s accused of scientific fraud, threatening his professional credibility. The funding to continue his research in malignant melanoma dries up just when his animal experiments show promise. And worst of all, Dawson is accused of murder. Can he regain his standing and his innocence?

Ready for a medical thriller that will change how you view the world of medicine?

An Uncertain Cure is a deep story about Dr. Parker Dawson beginning his career at Greeley University Medical Center in order to focus his time on medical research. Yet, on just his very first day, issues plaguing his previously published research begin to surface. Over time, difficult decisions and complex issues with medical staff and even administration begin to take a toll on Dr. Dawson.

This is a story that goes beyond the mystery of corporate espionage and murder, but examines the ethics of medicine and business. A view of Big Pharmacy business from the perspective of an oncologist goes beyond what many are aware of from mainstream media headlines. Backdoor deals and hidden handshakes can trigger life and death scenarios. The skyrocketing cost of medicine combined with business control of medical funding takes the forefront in this intense story.

The author has extensive knowledge, experience and insight into not only the medical field but academia and business which is expressed throughout each page. The author has dynamic, witty and intense dialogue, plot twists and a deep respect for the characters that are at the center of the story. Medical events are explained in such a way that a lay person can understand and those that have previous medical knowledge do not feel bored. The deep plot has many layers which will keep readers entertained and guessing at what will happen next.

An Uncertain Cure is truly a look at the depth and reality of modern medicine and those that work within the medical world. The author has a deep respect for the writing process and the fundamental aspects of true story telling. The author also makes an important point that while medicine is designed to heal and help, sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits, and when money starts to become involved the path to righteousness may not be clearly defined.

Make sure you don’t miss An Uncertain Cure.  This is an amazing read that will challenge what you know about the world around you!

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