A Thousand Years of Johnny Von by Edith M Cortese

A Thousand Years of Johnny Von by Edith M Cortese
Publisher: Trumpet Boy Press
Genre: Contemporary, Historical
Length: Full Length (420 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rated: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Sure, Johnny Von is a real life movie star on the rise, but that’s no reason to think he won’t fall in love with Estella? Right? I’m mean, she’s nice, and genuine, and probably pretty enough. After all, this could be what the universe has been planning for her, placing her on the quiet, light dappled street where he lives, walking dogs in the Hollywood Hills. This could be why, at 33, she is still single, why the International Playboy wasn’t the ‘one!’ The universe has been saving her for THIS! The only hitch is that in order to fall in love, Estella will have to talk to Johnny Von. It’s going to be a problem. And not just a logistics problem, being that she is a dog walker with tendencies towards shyness and he is a big, beautiful movie star. Creating a meeting is one thing, but actually opening her mouth to speak to him is going to be an Everest of a challenge for Estella! If only he were someone like, say, Johnny Von the Priest, battling his faith in 1574 in love with a young orphaned Estella, or Johnny Von the Bossman in 1901 and Estella was a young girl running the plantation, all on her own. Yep. That would be easier. If it was 1592 and he was a Venetian Silk Trader and she was a famous courtesan! She would really have confidence then. Or 2574, and Johnny Von the Scientist is about to save the world by solving Xbox 6000! So, maybe Estella doesn’t have a network of supportive girl friends to bolster her confidence, but she has the dogs. She has Moochie. And, she is about to learn that sometimes that’s all you need, the love of a good dog and a little imagination…to get you where you need to be; to get you home to the big love that’s meant to be yours.

He’s every man and he’s hot… but is he enough for her?

Edith Cortese is a new to me author. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get when I picked up this book. It sounded cute and interesting, so I nabbed it. I’m glad I did. There were a few quirks that kept me from fully enjoying it, but it was worth the read.

First, there’s Johnny. He’s every man, but he’s still got that quality of Hollywood that comes across as being a bit of a jerk. There’s good in him that Estella sees, but there’s also a veneer that’s not so great. He’s got issues, which makes him relatable and I liked seeing “Johnny” through the years, but at times it got a tad distracting.

I liked Estella. She’s easy to relate to because she’s got issues, too. But she’s like most women. She’s unsure of herself and sometimes unsteady in social situations. She’s also got a plan. She’s quirky and when she’s working hard to get what she wants, it’s fun to see what happens.

I do have to mention this is written in first person present tense. I’m not wild about this style of writing so it was distraction for me. But, might not be for everyone. I like seeing what’s happening from both the hero and heroine’s point of view. I’m greedy that way. *Grin*. I understood what the author was trying to do by showing the different “Johnny” characters, but at times it got a little too much to take. I had to reread to make sure I caught everything.

Still, this book has a little for everyone. Estella is fun to read. I liked Moochie, the dog, the best. If you want an afternoon beach read, then this might be the book for you.

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