A Rogue to Remember by Chasity Bowlin

A Rogue to Remember by Chasity Bowlin
The Hellion Club Book 1
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (222 pages)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Douglas “Devil” Ashton, Lord Deveril, was forced by his father to join the army and was exiled to India. It was punishment for all his many wicked, wild and reckless ways. While serving his country, the unthinkable happens at home. Devil’s sister is seduced by a fortune hunter and cast out by their father. By the time Devil returns to England, he’s too late to save her… but if he can obtain the right governess, one who specializes in working with children others have deemed unmanageable, he might be able to save his niece.

There is only one problem – no respectable woman would ever consent to be employed in the house of the Devil Lord. If she did, she’d never be able to be employed elsewhere again, as his very name is synonymous with ruin.

But Wilhelmina Marks is no ordinary governess. She’s a graduate of the Darrow School, an integral member of The Hellion Club, and a determined lady in her own right. Marina, Lord Deveril’s niece is a challenge… but not nearly as challenging as her uncle. He is all that they have said of him. Hedonistic. Rakishly charming. Too handsome by far. But also kind and perhaps a little broken. It’s that combination which draws Willa to him and makes him irresistible to her.
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But danger looms when Marina’s wastrel, fortune hunting father returns, intent on claiming his daughter.

Willa and Devil must work together to keep the little girl safe… is it a recipe for disaster or a recipe for love?

United in their love for a broken child, Willa and Lord Devil will go to great lengths to help her heal. Just maybe along the way, they’ll discover love can create a family out of ruin.

I love a man who loves his family and children. Devil’s background story earned him lots of points with this reader. His dead father, not so much. The author lays out both Willa and Devil’s motivations for why they are how they are and it was both believable and instantly had me cheering for them to find love. Their first face to face meeting is both fun and a little volatile. I couldn’t wait until round 2.

The ruse that they come up with, to keep her reputation in tact, was a little unbelievable for me. It relied heavily on his servants not knowing the truth. As Willia had been in his home before on interview for the governess position, I wasn’t sure how they would suddenly forget just because she returned in the guise of his betrothed.

Outside of that mild crit, the story flows really well. The dialogue and scenery are descriptive and well in keeping with the time period. I felt like I was there. I also was drawn into how unjustly people can be judged for actions outside their control. Books that make me feel something are good books.

There’s a sinister element to this story that I had to see resolved as soon as the villain of the piece was introduced. Hated him on site and looked forward to his imminent demise.

I love the concept of this series of books and I’m excited to see several more planned. The Hellion Club is made up of the byblows of upper crust. The fact that these girls who are sent to Darrow School to be hidden away are going to make such a huge in-your-face’ explosion in “polite society” tickles me to no end. I can’t wait to see who makes a splash next!

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