A Necessary Woman by A. E. Easterlin

A Necessary Woman by A. E. Easterlin
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (314 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Suzanna Worthington wants what most women wants–a husband to love her, a home to shelter her, and a child to bring her joy.

The battle at Manassas has stolen her fiance and destroyed her dreams. Channeling grief into healing, she assists the local doctor at a makeshift hospital, while her friends plot to find the one man who can fulfill all her desires…and his.

Now the war is over, and Jake Cantrell has come to find a wife. A self-made man with a huge ranch in Wyoming, he’s ready to settle down and raise a passel of sons to carry on his legacy.

Who will win her love? It could be the doctor who admires her, the Indian chief who captures her, or the man who wants to possess her and finds himself possessed by this necessary woman.

If you like daytime soap operas or drama then this book is for you. A Necessary Woman was eloquently written with a moderate steady pace from beginning to end. My curiosity kept me turning the pages with baited breath for the next dramatic scene to unfold.

While I appreciate a clever, unique plot with twits and unpredictably, I also need it to be realistically possible. The heroine, Suzanna, had so many men fall in love with her for her beauty and intelligence and had an unrealistic need to serve others that I kept thinking, “Come on, seriously?”

The hero, Jake, was hot as ever. However, he wasn’t perfect either. So together Jake and Suzanna made a great soap opera match. Their chemistry was intense and unavoidable.

Over all, I can honestly recommend this book for those who have extra time to pass and enjoy a book they have to suspend a bit of reality for. There was just something about this novel that was surprisingly irresistible that I couldn’t stop reading. There was a satisfying happy-ever-after ending. In fact I can easily see a sequel when Black Hawk returns!

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