A Lady in Disguise by Lynsay Sands

A Lady in Disguise by Lynsay Sands
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (400 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Lady Maggie Wentworth must support herself as an investigative reporter. Writing under another name, she’s been exposing the notorious scandals of the ton—this time it’s the “working girls” of London. While interviewing the women, a client enters, and Maggie is shocked to see her beau. She changes clothes with one of the girls and flees out the window, only to be whisked away by a stranger.

Lord James is honoring a deathbed promise: watch over his late friend’s sister. Following Maggie to a house of ill repute, he’s stunned to see her emerge dressed as the notorious Lady X! Hard times must have driven her to such a desperate act, and he is intent on reforming the wanton chit. No amount of protest will stop him from saving her reputation. Now if only he can hold his own desires in check—and keep himself from falling in love.

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I was thoroughly entertained throughout this story. This was a historical romance with some suspense and mystery. While the book was lengthy, the pace was not. I was riveted to A Lady in Disguise from beginning to end.

I loved the heroine, Maggie. She was worse than a cat getting herself into sticky situations. She even said it to herself numerous times “Only you, Maggie”. I can completely relate to that statement since I often find myself in predicaments that only I can possibly get myself into. Maggie made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. I do have to address the frequency of how many times she was hit in the head. It reached the ridiculous meter amount a couple of times. However, who am I to judge the reasonable amount of times one can get whacked in the head? All of Maggie’s other character traits made up for this tiny little ripple. I admired her loyalty, bravery and cleverness.

The hero, Lord James, was swoon worthy. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my lip. He is the man of my dreams. Gorgeous, strong, intelligent with leadership skills and full of chemistry. He is perfectly capable of handling Maggie with all her shenanigans. Together as a couple they were irresistible to love. I thought they made a perfect match which often brought a smile to my face.

There were other characters that were well developed that added to the enjoyment of the story. One such character was James’s Aunt Vivian. I loved how she put James in his place and was understanding and accepting of Maggie’s plight.

The ending was epic with all the plot threads neatly wrapped up. I was definitely left with a book glow as I reminisced about the developing romantic relationship between Maggie and James. A Lady in Disguise contained unpredictable plot threads that lead me on a reading journey that I didn’t want to put down or end. I highly recommend this book to future readers–but especially to my sister.

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