A Heart Enslaved by A. M. Westerling

A Heart Enslaved by A. M. Westerling
Publisher: Books We Love Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (343 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Banished from his homeland for a crime he didn’t commit, Thorvald Stronghawk knows selling the Frisian beauty he’s captured will bring him the blood money needed to regain his good name. When the man who accused Thorvald of the crime is the one buying Gisela, Thorvald must decide what he wants more: To recover his reputation among his fellow countrymen, or tame the woman who has vowed to hate him forever for destroying her home and family.

Gisela of Falkenstead realizes the handsome, self assured Viking views her as nothing more than chattel to be bought and sold rather than a woman with a life and mind of her own. Although her head tells her to escape the man she thinks is nothing more than a savage murderer, her heart has other ideas.

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A Heart Enslaved was a well written story. During a two hour plane ride, the plot kept me turning the pages, completely absorbed in what was going on. There were some suspenseful moments threaded throughout even though the synopsis practically gives away a chunk of the plot, but if you think it sounds appealing then it’s a safe decision to read this book.

Thorvald Stronghawk is the hero and while I enjoy a strong, handsome, duty bound individual who also possesses a heart, I couldn’t get completely past what he did to the heroine’s family. I guess it’s my own personal hang up because I can’t accept the Viking traditions as written. I discovered I prefer a more civilized hero versus Thorvald’s neanderthal ways; thankfully Thorvald isn’t completely like a typical Viking man. The hero was lucky because, Gisela, the heroine, was able to forgive him for “destroying her home and family.” Trust me, that sentence isn’t a spoiler since it is stated in the synopsis.

Their relationship worked because even Gisela struggled with overcoming the tragedy and injustice that was inflicted upon her. She did point out that it wasn’t specifically at Thorvald’s hand, but it was at his direct order. Even at the time of the order, Thorvald expressed regret. In fact, the hero didn’t even want to be a viking but he had no other choice since he himself was “banished from his homeland for a crime he didn’t commit” and was trying to earn “blood money to regain his good name”. I understand the whys behind the plot conflict but I found it sad and it tugged at my heart. Fortunately, together the hero and heroine were well balanced and good for each other and that made A Heart Enslaved a pleasurable read.

Before I read this novel I didn’t have any previous knowledge of the ways of Vikings, but after reading about all the stuff the hero and heroine had to suffer through back then, I can safely say that I am not a fan of the Viking lifestyle.

As for their relationship being spicy, there was only one scene that qualifies for that heat level. I would have preferred a little more romance between the couple, but given the circumstances, it made sense that it took them both a long time to acknowledge their feelings for each other. This book is more on the sensual side rather than spicy.

Overall, I’d recommend this book because Heart Enslaved was a really good read. I was intrigued with finding out if Gisela would “find love and happiness in Thorvald’s arms” and I wasn’t disappointed. This story is entertaining, but I bet it will be especially good for fans who love those old-time Viking heroes.

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