A Gentleman and a Rogue by Stephanie Burkhart

A Gentleman and a Rogue by Stephanie Burkhart
Publisher: Desert Breeze
Genre: Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Steampunk
Length: Full Length (226 pgs)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Royals Edmund and Alice Windsor return to 2011 only to discover their world is now powered by gasoline and electricity – not compressed natural gas. Their attempts to persuade their grandmother, Queen Anne II, falls on deaf ears. Taking matters into their own hands, they enlist Jonas Byron’s help and travel back to 1855 to set the time line right.

Now in Lincoln, Edmund is reunited with Lady Keira Russell, the love of his life, but if it isn’t one obstacle, it’s another. Keira does not want to fall in love with him again. Jonas Byron has taken up with Keira’s father to build a windmill, and Edmund’s brother, Richard, the Guardian of the Time Machine, has followed Edmund to ensure Queen Victoria makes the right decision when choosing the fuel of the future. Edmund has a choice – make mischief to ensure time marches to the beat of the right drummer, or trust in Keira and her belief that Queen Victoria will make the right decision on her own. Will Edmund lost Keira for good if he makes the wrong choice?

It’s mid-nineteenth century; two cousins matter-of-factly pop out of the edge of time. Immediately, we are drawn into a tale that started with the ‘time machine’…but is driven by love, and carries us from petticoats to limousines.

Pace, descriptions, and a big cast of characters: all are managed quite well by the author. We sweep from place to place, time-to-time, effortlessly.  We readers will stand on the edge of a quarry, wander the forest, find ourselves in a game room immersed in billiards or rushing to catch a ride. Small details add a strong sense of place to each move, from specific flowers or the scent of pies, or noticing the roses and carnations around an old oak. Characters are managed similarly; the opening characters are important, as it is our Edmund’s quest to find his love, Kiera that truly drives him…however, he is also on a quest.

The future of fuel is in the hands of the Queen, who also happens to be the grandmother of the cousins. They must take steps – and fast – to ensure the world moves onto the correct timeline for the future fuel to be used. Kiera, as well as a number of other aristocrats, are soon involved – and we realize that theirs is not the only romance underway. The future will be affected by many factors, as well as individual’s personal decisions. Love, indeed, yes love, might end up having an impact on what the future will bring…

In A Gentleman and a Rogue Burkart cleverly blends the fantastical and the historical into something bizarrely believable. A must read, whether you are a particular fan of the genre or not…because real heartfelt romance is still at the heart of the story.


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    Love the premise of the story, I can’t wait to read it.


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