A Different Kind of Reunion by Joanne Guidoccio

A Different Kind of Reunion by Joanne Guidoccio
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (239 pgs)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Snowdrop

While not usually a big deal, one overlooked email would haunt teacher Gilda Greco. Had she read it, former student Sarah McHenry might still be alive.

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Determined to solve Sarah’s murder, Gilda launches her own investigation and uncovers shocking revelations that could put several lives—including her own—in danger. Can Gilda and the psychic solve this case before the killer strikes again?

Maybe you’d best not miss another of your reunions…

As in the title, this might be different than many reunions you’ve been to, whether a high school or a family reunion. This one happens to be a few high school students and a teacher who was with them long ago, gathering because of murder. Or at least because they think poor Sarah was murdered. They also think their teacher, Gilda, can help them find some answers. Gilda spends some time reflecting on the personalities of the students and also has a difficult time moving past nicknames the kids gave each other back then, most likely behind one another’s backs. Mean Barbie, Wannabe Ken, and as many other Barbies as you can imagine; some nice, most not.

This book was very readable. It’s another in the “Gilda Greco Mystery” series. A lot of the story seemed to be spent describing the characters and at first reflection I thought that might not be construed as an interesting topic. Much of this description was because Gilda spent a lot of time reflecting back on her students. I don’t think any of the in-depth description of the characters was extraneous. Much of the plot was dependent on knowing the characters well to try and determine which one could have killed Sarah, which personality does it take, which person had good luck since graduation, which one had fallen on hard times. I looked at them all in trying to decide and I changed my mind several times. That means the author did a very good job of deception. I bet that was why it was so entertaining.

There are several other books in the Gilda Greco series. Check them out too.


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