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Sun Storm by Marlow Kelly

Sun Storm by Marlow Kelly
Publisher: Viceroy Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (308 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Poppy

In Montana to prove her portable solar panel can solve the world’s energy problems, naïve scientist, Dr. Marie Wilson must first fight to survive, and then expose the powerful businessman intent on destroying her life’s work.

Ex-special forces soldier, David Quinn is haunted by the horrors of combat, and yearns to be left alone with his beehives, but agrees to do one last job for his old mentor.

When the scariest man she’s ever met becomes her savior, Marie discovers a heart of gold beats beneath his surly demeanor.

Looking for a book where the action starts right off and never really slows down? This would be a very good choice for you!
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Just a few pages into this story, our heroine, Marie, is alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere when four men with guns burst in through the door. She’s dressed in long underwear and nothing else, and does whatever she can to escape. Thankfully, one of the men has a change of heart when he realizes what they are actually up to, and helps.

I liked Marie right off. It’s funny, she has this idea that she’s a frightened, incapable woman (I blame this on her good-for-nothing father) but she manages to escape more than once from the people trying to capture or kill her. She’s smart and actually pretty darn fearless. I guess we never know what we’re capable of until we’re put into a situation where we have to step up or die. She was, thankfully, never stupid (okay, one time I questioned what she did, but…) and always smart and brave.

I like David, too. He really just wants to live his life off the grid in peace, but finds himself smack dab in the middle of trouble. Never one to take injustice lying down, he does everything he can to figure out who’s on his side and who isn’t, and to protect Marie.

The suspense portion of this book is pretty well spot on. Lots of action, lots of intrigue, never entirely knowing who’s a good guy and who isn’t (with some exceptions). The suspense and action kept me turning pages. I read this book in just a couple of days because it definitely held my interest. I was honestly surprised to find out one of the cops was not what I thought he was at the end. And I do hope to see the head of the Syndicate get their comeuppance (what a horrible sociopath that person turned out to be).

The romance portion took a little suspension of disbelief. It’s not that Marie and David didn’t have chemistry–they absolutely did. My big issue is, I’m not a fan of “instalove” and these two weren’t together long before they were madly in love with each other. I remember a line from the movie “Speed” where Sandra Bullock’s character says, “…relationships that start under intense circumstances, they never last.” And I always wonder about that when I read this type of book. They meet while dodging bullets, the spend every minute running and dodging bullets and proclaim their love for each other in a few days. What happens when they settle down, raise bees, live a quiet life? Again, I honestly think these two will be fine because at heart they’re both really kind of quiet homebodies, but I probably would have been happier with a “happy for now” than an “HEA” in this case (and, since this is the start of a series, we could see the relationship develop some as the other books are released).

The thing I liked best about this book was the clear, strong relationship the friends had with each other. Clearly there is absolute trust between them, and each would do anything to help one of the others. I like Michael the best of the group (outside of David, of course), but Finn was interesting as well, and were there tidbits of a “twin bond” between Sinclair and David that might come up again? Only time will tell. I’m a sucker for character driven stories, and despite the plentiful action here, it was the strong, interesting characters that kept me reading.

This is a great start to what promises to be an intriguing series.

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In Montana to prove her portable solar panel can solve the world’s energy problems, naïve scientist, Dr. Marie Wilson must first fight to survive, and then expose the powerful businessman intent on destroying her life’s work.

Ex-special forces soldier, David Quinn is haunted by the horrors of combat, and yearns to be left alone with his beehives, but agrees to do one last job for his old mentor.

When the scariest man she’s ever met becomes her savior, Marie discovers a heart of gold beats beneath his surly demeanor.

Enjoy an Excerpt

The last man had unkempt, long, sandy-colored hair. He wore a crumpled, hooded camouflage jacket and baggy gray pants. A long scar ran across one side of his face, starting at his ear and running through his beard, parting it with a jagged white line. He didn’t say a word. He simply nodded at the poker in her hand and shook his head, silently telling her to drop her weapon.

Sensing that any attempt to fight him would be futile, she let it fall to the ground. “You can take the money. I don’t have—”

“Shut up,” the handsome blond barked. A vein on his forehead bulged as he scowled.

Her heart hammered against her ribs. She prayed they would take what they wanted and leave.

Handsome stepped in front of her and placed the barrel of his handgun between her eyes. “Tell us where it is.”

“What are you doing?” The man with the scar strolled over and stood next to her. In her peripheral vision, she could make out his intense, pale, lifeless eyes.

He leaned close to her face so his warm breath touched her cheek. “This is all wrong.”

A small squeal emanated from her throat. He was too close. Too scary. Killer. The word rang through her mind. The scar, those dead eyes, and his demeanor gave the impression of a lethal, terrifying man.

“What do you mean? Our intel is good.” The vein on Handsome’s forehead throbbed to life.

About the Author: After being thrown out of England for refusing to drink tea, Marlow Kelly made her way to Canada where she found love, a home and a pug named Max. She also discovered her love of storytelling. Encouraged by her husband, children and let’s not forget Max, she started putting her ideas to paper. She enjoys writing suspenseful, fast-paced romance stories that always feature strong women.

Marlow is an award-winning author and a member of the Romance Writers of America.

Website | Newsletter | Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | BookBub

The book is on sale for only $0.99 at Amazon.

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A Woman of Courage by Marlow Kelly

A Woman of Courage by Marlow Kelly
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (62 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

When an injured Fianna Byrne turns up at Connell O’Neill’s gate twelve years after their separation he knows this could be his last chance to find happiness with the woman he loves.

False accusations against Fianna had strained relations between their clans and forced Connell, under Irish law, to divorce her. Their disastrous three-month relationship left Fianna pregnant and heartbroken. She has avoided Duncarraig and her ex-husband ever since.

But with her home obliterated by the Vikings, Fianna must face her past in order to save her son, and prove once and for all she is a woman of courage.

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Fianna had to grow up quickly from the stary-eyed girl who married Connell at seventeen. She’s a mother and the queen of her clan. She took on the responsibility to maintain the livelihood of large group of people when she was forced to leave the security of her husband’s home. She was a woman who had proven herself and someone I could cheer for. I liked that the author didn’t have her turn into a weepy pile of goo as soon as she sees Connell. Yes, her body reacts to his closeness and concern but her priorities are in order. Her people come first.

I wanted her to be strong but I also didn’t want her to be so completely stubborn that she wouldn’t allow herself to see that Connell had changed as well. He’d been a boy of nineteen when they were married. He wasn’t a boy any longer and he’d had plenty of time to realize who had truly poisoned their chance at a happy marriage. Plus, he was able to see his own part in the fallout. He was a mature man, king of his clan, and still very attracted to the mother of his son. It was sweet and then it got hot.

I did expect the dialogue to be more of the period. It was almost too modern. The author obviously studied up on the era and used correct vernacular to describe the homes and the clothes as well as titles. Thankfully, I wasn’t drawn out of the story because of the dialogue, it was just noticeable. I’ve read some Historicals where the brogue can be so thick I couldn’t understand what I was reading without a translation dictionary but this was more on the other end of the spectrum. It was set in Ireland but it didn’t really feel Irish when they spoke.

The setting was very nicely described. I could see the way the villages were set up, the forest surrounding and the river running near Fianna’s home. The reader isn’t present for the initial battle that took place but the author describe the destruction and death and violence of the Vikings who decimated her clan’s home. That was exceptionally realistic.

Be sure to read the forward in this book regarding Irish laws and customs. It was beneficial in putting me in the right frame of mind to see the Irish culture of the period depicted as opposed to looking at it from a modern American standpoint.

This was nice period piece where land, loyalty and courage were highly valued. It’s a “one-sitting” story that has potential if the author ever decided to expound on Fianna and Connell’s world. There are secondary characters introduced who give the story some dimension. Ms. Kelly obviously likes to portray strong women and this is a short story worth spending time with.

A Woman of Honour by Marlow Kelly

A Woman of Honour by Marlow Kelly
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (68 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Duncan Campbell wakes to discover he is imprisoned with a woman in his enemy’s dungeon in the Highlands of Scotland. The disenchanted warrior hopes his last few moments on earth will be spent in the arms of the sweet-voiced Isabel. If only she will cooperate.

Isabel Douglas has no intention of obliging the crude captive. The penniless noblewoman considers herself too tall and thin to be desirable. She intends to become a nun. But first, disguised as a boy, she must deliver an important letter to Scotland’s hero in hiding, King Robert the Bruce.
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Together, the pair make a daring escape that plunges them into the bleak countryside in the middle of winter. In the struggle to survive, they learn the true strength of their feelings for each other. But when Duncan’s animosity towards the king becomes evident, Isabel must decide between her heart and her country.

Can Duncan convince Isabel to give love another chance?

Isabel and Duncan meet under some very unusual circumstances and their first encounter is less than pleasant. Despite all that, they share some undeniable chemistry. In the pitch black dungeon, I began to see the first sparks of attraction flare between them. Even after they manage to escape their captors, the odds are definitely against Isabel and Duncan. I couldn’t help but wonder if they would survive long enough for their mutual attraction to grow into something more.

I really enjoyed getting to know Isabel. Even though this is a short story, I was able to get a good sense of what kind of woman Isabel is. She is strong, smart, and loyal. Her self esteem needs a bit of a boost. She’s never considered herself attractive, so Duncan’s attentions catch her off guard. She wants to believe she can have a future with him, but she has some serious doubts. Despite her self esteem issues, Isabel is definitely not a damsel in distress. She manages to survive in unbelievably harsh situations determined to fight until her last breath. On top of all that, she can more than hold her own when faced with a strong man like Duncan. It is easy to admire and cheer for such a strong woman.

Isabel and Duncan definitely have an instantaneous connection, and I must admit I’m usually a little skeptical concerning love at first sight. However, the chemistry Ms. Kelly created between Isabel and Duncan is so well done, and the circumstances these characters find themselves in are so extreme that I was easily able to suspend my disbelief and believe their romance was genuine. The intensity of Isabel and Duncan’s feelings fit the fast pace of the story perfectly.

A Woman of Honour is thoroughly entertaining. Isabel and Duncan’s story is compelling and almost impossible to put down once started. I recommend it to anyone looking for an intense, fast paced historical romance.

A Day in the Life of Author Samantha Grace

A Day in the Life of Author Samantha Grace

I’m not sure what I pictured life would be like once I became a published author. Maybe a cross between Joan Wilder in Romancing the Stone and Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City. Obviously, I didn’t expect to jet off to New York once a week for lunch with my wonderful editor. We don’t even speak on the phone that often. I mean, I could call her weekly, but eventually she might stop taking my calls. There’s too much for both of us to do for weekly chats.

Unlike Carrie, I rarely hobnob with big names at fancy parties. Okay. I never hobnob with ANYONE at fancy parties, but I did go to dinner with some of my favorite authors at the RT Booklovers Convention. (Sabrina Jeffries, Claudia Dain, Ava Stone, Deb Marlowe, Heather Snow, Erin Knightley, Catherine Gayle, Julie Johnstone, Jane Charles) And I chatted with Grace Burrows who then introduced me to Mary Balogh. Yes, THE Mary Balogh! I even passed Jane Ann Krentz aka Amanda Quick in the hallway. Some day I’ll get up the nerve to say hello. Maybe. I’ll probably faint if I ever cross paths with Johanna Lindsey. We all have our idols!

I did NOT expect when I became a writer to be mixed up with the Colombia drug cartel like Joan Wilder, for which I’m eternally grateful. Plus, I already have my real-life hero, so no need to go searching the jungles for Mr. Right. But how cool would it be to knock on a door in a foreign country and find out the person living there knows me and has my book? Seriously, those moments when I receive an email or Facebook message saying someone has read one of my books and loved it are amazing. I feel like I’m walking on clouds the whole day. No! Dancing on clouds! But then it’s back to the real world eventually and I don’t mind.

In addition to being an author, I’m a wife and mom like a lot of women. I also work outside of the home three days a week, so there are many days I’m juggling my employer’s demands while fielding calls from one of my kids who has forgotten something they need at school. Today, however, is a writing day and here’s how it looks:

6:15 am (Okay, I hit snooze so it was closer to 6:30) – Wake up to get high school boy off to school

6:30ish to 7:00 am – Drink my coffee while checking email, Facebook, & Twitter

7:00 am – Get youngest up to get ready for school

7:05 to 9:45 am – Sporadically answer emails, send youngest off to school, realize Mother’s Day is only three days away, PANIC, scour the internet for a florist in my mother’s town to deliver flowers, look up her business address (Why don’t I ever write it down???), promote an interview with my hero (Luke Forest, Duke of Foxhaven) and respond to comments, look up natural remedies for headaches, promote the blog post for my writers’ blog (Lady Scribes), get harangued by fellow author and great friend Olivia Kelly for not getting around to doing something I’m supposed to do, race to the phone only to see it’s a telemarketer, acknowledge I’m starving, ransack the pantry and refrigerator, mildly curse, resolve to get groceries today, settle on a baked potato for breakfast (I’m Irish, it’s okay. I’d totally gnaw on some cabbage too if I had any.), sit down to write this embarrassing exposé blog…

10:43 am – It’s time to shower. Yes, I’m still in my pjs. No judging. (LOL)

Next it will be off to the grocery store and post office. Hopefully I’ll fit some writing in this afternoon before it’s time for the youngest to be home. Then I’ll have to pick up our son from track practice and the madness begins with dinner prep, clean up, homework, bath time for our daughter and detangling her long curls… Tomorrow I work my day job, so it will feel like a vacation. (wink)

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If you could switch places with anyone for a day (real or fictional), who would you pick?

5_13 samantha grace coverTHE NAKED TRUTH

Lady Vivian Worth knows perfectly well how to behave like a lady. But observing proper manners when no one is around to impress is just silly. Why shouldn’t she strip down to her chemise for a swim? When her betrothed arrives to finally meet her, Vivi will act every inch the lady—demure, polite, compliant. Everything her brother has promised the man. But until then, she’s going to enjoy her freedom…


Luke Forest, the newly named Duke of Foxhaven, wants nothing to do with his inheritance—or the bride who comes with it. He wants adventure and excitement, like the enchanting water nymph he’s just stumbled across. When he discovers the skinny-dipping minx is his intended, he reconsiders his plan to find Lady Vivian another husband. Because the idea of this vivacious woman in the arms of another man might be enough to drive him insane—or to the altar.


Author Bio: Samantha Grace is the author of several Regency romance novels. Lady Vivian Defies a Duke is the final installment of her Beau Monde Bachelor series. Publisher’s Weekly describes her stories as “fresh and romantic” with subtle humor and charm. She writes what she enjoys reading: romantic comedies about family, friendship, and flawed characters who learn how to love deeply.

Samantha is a part-time hospice social worker, moonlighting author, and full time wife and mom. She enjoys life in the Midwest with her husband, two witty kids, and a multitude of characters that spring from her imagination.

To Connect with Samantha, you can find her at:

Samantha Grace Author | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Lady Scribes