Stark Naked by Desiree Holt

Stark Naked by Desiree Holt
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (71 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Carnation

Naked is nice. But Stark naked is definitely more fun…

Reenie Davenport learned the hard way that men are cheating, promotion-thieving poison. A month after making a fresh start in Texas, she looks forward to taking a breather at her old college friend Amy’s family ranch. Instead, she’s left breathless when Amy’s very drunk, very sexy, very naked brother lands at her feet. Even as she hardens her heart, a small part of her wishes that quickly tossed towel would shift…just a little.

When Matt Stark shows up at Reenie’s door to apologize, he can barely squeeze a word past her emotional barriers. Suddenly nothing else matters except convincing her not all men are clones of her ex. Sweet-talking her into lunch is only the beginning.

One touch, and boom! Much to Reenie’s dismay, lunch ends in a hot, flaming dessert—in her bed. Shutting Matt out isn’t as easy as simply blowing out a match. Especially since this cowboy is equally determined to unlock her heart.

The last thing Reenie expected while visiting her old friend from college was to find Amy’s hot hunk brother standing in front of her after a night of partying, stark naked and drunk. But before he passes out, he has some very suggestive ideas for himself and Reenie. Definitely not on the recently burned woman’s agenda.

When Matt Stark takes her to lunch in the city the following weekend to apologize for his behavior, she is consumed with scorching desire that she can’t control every time she looks at the gorgeous cowboy. The feelings are mutual, and despite Reenie’s reluctance to get involved with another playboy, they end up in bed having the hottest sex of their lives at her San Antonio apartment following lunch. Constantly worrying and obsessing about it will not be said purchase viagra online as it is not always just about planned lovemaking session, but about overall performance. Laxatives, softeners and some digestive cialis price disorders are known to cause erectile dysfunction. price for levitra With this vital ingredient Kamagra show its wonder results by providing a man thick, hard, long lasting erection with durable intercourse. When they are too stressed out then also tadalafil buy cheap they avoid having sex.

Reenie is so gun-shy from her experience with her unscrupulous ex, that she turns and runs from her feelings for Matt, refusing to see him or answer his calls for a week. But Matt has fallen for the smart, sexy woman and hires her at her place of work as her exclusive client. Reenie’s boss insists she take on the account, which is for a substantial fund-raiser the Starks do every year in the area. Even when she refuses to relent on her decision not to see him, Matt persists, and the heat rises to the melting point.

I enjoyed this charming ‘smitten cowboy’ love story so much. It was refreshing in its simplicity and sweetness. Reenie, as a victim, was not a broken woman. I loved her spirit and feisty temperment. True, she was conflicted concerning powerfully sexy men after having her trust so ravaged by one who was dangerous. But in the end, she proved to be an open hearted woman falling into the deep waters of real love.

Ms. Holt described those pivotal scenes between Matt and Reenie in which she let go of her pain and embraced healing, in the most sensual and sweet way that it brought tears to my eyes. Matt was an exciting, engaging hero that gave me hope for the best in men! I also loved the excellently described, hotly erotic sex scenes in this story. This author just keeps getting better and better.

Stark Naked is a delightful romance that I gladly recommend to everyone. I would love to see a take off on this story for a series surrounding the Stark ranch and their hearty stock!

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