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Please Note:

We accept requests from both traditionally published authors, self-published authors and publishers.

IMPORTANT: Traditionally published authors, please check with your publisher FIRST to see if they already submit to us — if they do, please do NOT submit your story to us, as duplicate entries will cause significant problems.  FYI: We are auto-approved via NetGalley and Edelweiss for most Sourcebooks, Harlequin, Harper Collins and Avon books that are available through that distribution channel.

If you are self-published, or your publisher does not already submit to us, please follow the submission guidelines below.

* We do not guarantee all books received will be reviewed.  Please do not email us after submitting your story for review to find out if it’s been selected for review.  If it’s reviewed, you’ll be notified.
* We review Romance, Erotic Romance, Young Adult and Middle Grade and other Children’s Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Non-Romance Mysteries and Cozies, Thrillers, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction and other genre fiction as well as Non-Fiction.
* We reserve the right to decline to review books at our discretion.
* Please do not submit stories that include depraved or illegal acts, bestiality, degradation of men or women (rape) that is portrayed in a positive way (and never by the hero), incest, or pedophilia (no sex involving underage characters with an adult regardless of consent).


1. Please fill out the appropriate form for your genre (linked bel0w):

* Erotic Romance

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2. After completing the form, please email the PDF for your story to lasrpdfs (@) gmail (.) com with a subject: TITLE – PUBLISHER PDF (i.e. Really Great Book – Awesome Publishing PDF). NOTE: the above email is for PDF submission ONLY. Please do not send ANY other correspondence. If you need to contact us for anything else, you may use lasreviews AT gmail DOT com

3. You will not receive confirmation of receipt. If your story is chosen for review, you will be notified by email when the review is published.

4. All review requests will be kept in our database for approximately three months. At that time, if no reviewer has been found for the story, the request will be removed from our database and the PDF deleted without issuance.

5. We are determined to be a site that only issues honest, but positive reviews. Therefore, if our reviewers cannot find positive remarks to say about a story, it will be declined. Please understand, this is not necessarily a reflection upon you, the author, or your story — opinions vary greatly. It just means that the reviewers who volunteer their time here at LASR didn’t care for it. We will notify you via email if this particular circumstance occurs. We appreciate your understanding!


1. If you are submitting a print book, please email us at lasreviews (at) gmail (dot) com with the following:

* Include the TITLE of your story/novel in the subject line, and the words “print book review request” so it isn’t deleted as spam.

* Please include the length (number of pages), the genre (historical, paranormal, contemporary, inspirational, etc), a short blurb.

Upon receipt of your email and confirmation that we have a reviewer interested in your book, we’ll give you mailing instructions.