Duncan’s Descent by Marie Harte

Duncan’s Descent by Marie Harte
Ethereal Foes Book 2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (95 Pages)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Anal Sex/Play
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

‘Tis far better to love in hell than to live in heaven.

Ethereal Foes, Book 1

As a demon of the Ethereal, it’s Duncan Sinclair’s job to sway humans toward the path to hell. Duncan is very good at his job–until a prank gone wrong lands him in the upper realm doing penance. Now he’s being bombarded with love, kindness, and affectionate sex…and it’s killing him. The only way out is to agree to sway souls for heaven, with an angel as his partner, by all that’s unholy.

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Confronted with an angel who drinks, swears, and takes him to bliss with her sinfully delightful body, Duncan finds himself at risk of losing his heart to the enemy.

Loving this angel could land him right where he doesn’t want to be–heaven. But what’s a demon to do when he’s falling?

When a prank goes wrong, Duncan Sinclair has to face his father’s punishment for endangering his sister, even if it did result in her finding her mate. Duncan’s punishment…seven days in the custody of Uriel, the angel in charge who wants nothing more than to convert Duncan to the side of good.

As a demon in charge of swaying souls to the other side, Duncan is determined to endure the punishment and spoil Uriel’s plans. But when Uriel pairs Duncan with the lovely Sapphira and sends them to the human realm, things become complicated. Sapphira may be an angel, but she hates the rules and regulations she has to follow, and James is stunned when he finds that he is attracted to this confusing but beautiful angel. When these two work together to sway souls, James realizes that there is something intriguing and different about ‘his angel’ and decides to explore the connection he feels. Can these two find a way to fulfill Duncan’s penance and not change the rules? Will the secret behind Sapphira’s true nature be revealed? Will Duncan and Sapphira have a Happy Ever After away from the Heavenly realm, foiling Uriel’s plans?

Duncan’s Descent is the second offering in the Ethereal Foes series from Marie Harte. It is a world filled with all sorts of paranormal beings: demons, angels and other interesting characters existing alongside human kind. I like that, even for demons, there are certain rules that must be followed, and family is the first priority to most beings. I like the world Ms Harte has created, and the characters that inhabit this unique place.

Duncan Sinclair has just one job: sway souls to Hell. He is very good at his job, but when he and his brother cause a major upheaval and cause problems for Heaven, he has to pay the price for bad judgment. Duncan is strong and determined not to succumb to the ‘tortures’ administered by Uriel…love and kindness that causes him physical pain. When Uriel assigns an angel to work with him on the earthly realm to sway souls to Heaven, Duncan finds that he is drawn to the angel like never before in his life. I like Duncan, with his sarcastic wit and his strength and determination.

Sapphira is a beautiful angel, but there are secrets surrounding her that not even she is aware of. She hates the rules that she has to live by in Heaven, and is happiest when she is on the earthly plain, where she has some freedom to do many un-angelic things…drink, swear and enjoy earthly pleasures. When she is partnered with Duncan, she sees the other side of the coin, and finds that not all souls should be sent Heavenward. I like Sapphira, with her smart mouth and her attitude, and her willingness to see both sides of an issue. When she finds herself drawn to Duncan, I like that she was willing to explore the feelings between them, and I liked that she was willing to stop him when he seemed to be ready to turn ‘good’ for her.

There are some intriguing twists to this story, especially the big secret of Sapphira’s true nature. There is a buildup of passion, and when these two finally get together, it explodes like fireworks and leaves them both a bit stunned at it all. The behind the scenes manipulation of Uriel and the secret revealed by Sapphira’s mother are subtly done, and well thought out. I really loved the misdirection by Asael (Duncan’s father) about Sapphira and her possible parentage, and how it affected the principals in the story. I recommend this one be read while in air conditioned comfort, because it does get hot and steamy on its on merits.

The Dragon King: Not So Ordinary by Marie Harte

The Dragon King: Not So Ordinary by Marie Harte
Ethereal Foes Book 4
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full length (151 Pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, Ménage, BDSM, Anal Sex/Play
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

What good is being king if you can’t burn your own rules?

Ethereal Foes, Book 4

In the two years since Jentaron hatched, he’s grown into an adult blue dragon full of the knowledge of his royal predecessors. He’s a true king, even if the other denizens of the Ethereal, those demons, havoc, angels and the like, continue to test him.

But he’s got heavier worries. Namely, an unspeakable danger that threatens all life as the planet knows it. He can feel it, can sense that he’s got a bigger role to play than just pissing off the Ethereal.

With the blood elves and havoc making more trouble than usual, magic no longer flowing freely in the Abyss, and angels massacring everything demonic they can get their holy hands on, the Balance has reached a tipping point. Time to take charge before the rules change.
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What’s a dragon to do but create his own chaos? He’ll take a mate or two, instill fear where needed, and finally return dragonkind to the Ordinary—the human lands—where a dragon will decide the fate of the worlds.

Because he’s king, and he says so.

As the Dragon King, Jentaron is the most powerful being in the lower realm. But he has kept the true strength of his abilities hidden, letting others believe he is less than he is. He knows that what is coming soon will change all the realms, and if what he has foreseen comes to pass, it will be war, with the very existence of all beings in jeopardy.

Zelec is one of the strongest of the higher demons, but even he needs to take time to relax. When he encounters Ella in a bar in the Ordinary, he realizes that there is something different about her. He quickly realizes she is a nephilim, a rare offspring of an angel and a human, and powerful in her own right. Zelec doesn’t do love, but something about Ella continues to draw him in. When she has a vision of horrible beings set to conquer the planet, she collapses, and Zelec takes her to the only safe place he knows of in the Ordinary…James Sinclair’s penthouse.

When Jentaron encounters Ella there, he realizes that she is part of his destiny, one of his mates, and that the other is Zelec. Only if all three bond together can they hope to defeat the Hunger, and evil like no one has seen. The hunger is determined to destroy all in its path, but with Jentaron leading, there is a union of angels, demons, dragons and all other paranormals in this world, all united to meet a common enemy. Can the different groups work together to defeat the Hunger, or will the petty squabbles endanger all of humanity and the other realms? Can Ella and Jentaron convince Zelec that they want him forever, not just for the battle ahead? And will the shock of learning about their parentage cause Ella and Zelec more problems?

The Dragon King: Not So Ordinary is the final episode of Marie Harte’s Ethereal Foes series. It is a story filled with danger, passion and lots of surprises for many of the characters that live in this world. The world building has been consistent throughout, and the characters continue to be well crafted and unpredictable. I like that, even after three previous books, there was more to learn about each character, and there were many surprises revealed in this one.

Jentaron is the King of the Dragons, and he is a mix of innocence and sensuality. Those around him continuously underestimate him, and belittle him. He hides his power, because he knows it is not the right time to let others know what he knows; that there is a war coming, one that could end the world as they know it. He knows he must unite the many different groups, angels, demons, dragons and other beings if they want to defeat their common enemy. Watching as Jentaron slowly reveals his actual powers is a treat, and as he finds his mates to boost his levels, I really enjoyed watching him finally come into his position as a leader. I also liked that he did not lose his joy in the little things in life, and still enjoyed having fun, in spite of the pressure he is under.

Ella is a strong and powerful female, but she has no idea that what she calls her ‘family gift’ is in fact a powerful effect of being a nephilim. She thought she was human, and only after meeting two super hot males does she learn what she really is. As she grows closer to Jentaron and Zelec, she begins to discover just how powerful the three of them are together. I like Ella, with her snarky attitude and her determination to see where the relationship with her guys will go next. I loved that she was willing to accept who and what she is, and I really laughed when she finally met her father and discovered the source of all her power.

Zelec is a strong and sexy higher demon. He says he doesn’t do love, but his actions don’t match his words. He has a vulnerability that very seldom shows, but both Ella and Jentaron sense that there is more to him than he lets on. I love Zelec because he doesn’t apologize for anything…he is a demon and proud of it. He is an especially powerful demon, and the reason behind his powers becomes clear when his parentage is finally revealed to him, almost by accident. He is determined to leave once the battle is fought, but I enjoyed watching as Ella and Jentaron broke down his defenses and showed him that they loved him, just as he is.

This story brings in the worst danger possible, a horde of beings determined to decimate every being on the world, and destroy humanity and the other realms as they have done to many other worlds before. There is humor in this, and lots of dragon/demon/nephilim passion, but there is also danger and fear as well. It shows that to be victorious, sometimes enemies must unite in the face of overwhelming odds to defeat a common foe, and that only with a true sharing of passion can the enemy finally be defeated. There are surprises here, some very shocking and one I did not see coming at all. I found this to be a very satisfying conclusion to the Ethereal Foes series, with all of the threads brought together to a close. I do recommend a lot of cold drinks, air conditioning and tissues, as there are tears, laughter and lots of very hot and passion filled scenes.

Havoc and Hell by Marie Harte

Havoc and Hell by Marie Harte
Ethereal Foes Book 3
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (116 Pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, M/M, Ménage, Anal Sex/Play, BDSM
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

When a demon and a dragon get busy, “burning up the sheets” gets real.

James thought stealing a royal dragon egg was a terrific idea—until the prank went sideways. His sister and twin brother have done their penance. Now it’s his turn. Ten days of servitude to Teban, the dragon prince—James’s best friend. Such a light sentence has to have a catch, so James does what any good demon would do. He bolts.

His string of bad luck holds steady when he falls prey to a pretty woman with sharp teeth. Kihra is havoc, a race of lower-realm creatures even demons fear. When she joins forces with Teban, their torment becomes delectable sin. No vice is too addictive, no demand too brutal when it comes to satisfying his lovers’ needs.
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All seems hellishly perfect—until the angels arrive for some payback. Kihra’s kidnapped, Teban is missing, and James suffers the beatdown of the millennium. But he has no intention of letting his lovers go, though he risks the wrath of the demon king, the ire of the dragons, and an angelic punishment that could start a world-ending war.

Steal a dragon egg…blame it on the angels…what could possibly go wrong?

James Sinclair learned that not all pranks are good ideas, especially if the dragon egg in question just happens to be a royal egg, and holds the next King of the Dragons. For his penance, his father Asael sentences him to ten days of servitude to Teban, prince of dragons and brother to the, now hatched, egg in question. While Teban is James’ best friend, James is not quite sure what is in store, so he does what any smart demon would, he runs. Unfortunately, James gets lost, and is caught by an adolescent Havoc, a race he knows nothing about other than they are extremely bloodthirsty and strong. When the young Havoc’s aunt comes along, she has decided she likes how James looks and decides she will keep him. When Teban catches up with James, he is also ‘taken’ by Kihra, and together Teban and Kihra decide to claim James as their own. Things heat up once Kihra and Teban take James back to Teban’s home and each of these three claims the others in a hot and steamy triad. When the angels kidnap Kihra as payback for the prank James started, will James be able to rescue her in time? Will Teban survive his impromptu visit with the Havoc deity Kingu and return in time to save James? Can James accept that he has feelings for both Teban and Kihra? Can these three stay together in the face of opposition from the Havoc and the angels?

Havoc and Hell is a return to Marie Harte’s Ethereal Foes world, where paranormal beings exist and passions run high. This tale gives a glimpse of beings that even the demons fear, a dangerous race known as the Havoc. This is a look into one of the lower realms, with the different beings that inhabit that world. I enjoyed the descriptions of the homelands of the Havoc, and the many ways it differs from what the inhabitants call ‘the Ordinary’ or the realm of humanity.

James Sinclair is a strong and smart demon, twin to Duncan and more than a bit of a rascal. It was his idea that started the whole mess, and now that he is to pay, he does what demons do best…he tries to escape his punishment. When he meets Kihra, he is drawn to her, and is a bit surprised by the strength of his attraction to the woman. I like James and his snarky sense of morality, and his determination to avoid his punishment. I also like that he is honest enough to admit it when he realizes his attraction to Teban as well as the one to Kihra.

Teban is the dragon prince, strong and handsome, and very determined to finally make James his mate. He also wants Kihra in his life as a mate as well. I like the chemistry that is so palpable when these three are together, and I was very impressed when Teban made the ultimate ‘sacrifice’ for Kihra. I like the passion that Teban lives his life with.

Kihra is a wild being, like no woman either of these two males has ever met. I like her combination of sensuousness and innocence, a seductress with a sweetness that shows in her wide eyed amazement of the dragon world. I also like that she is determined to ‘keep’ both James and Teban, claiming that they are hers because of her devotion to her deity, Kingu, as her reward for her life of service to Kingu and her people.

There are some interesting twists to this one. When the angels kidnap Kihra and lay the blame on the demons, there is threat of a war between demon kind and the Havoc, and Kihra must pretend to like Heaven until her rescue comes. There are secrets hinted at but left unsolved for now, and there is a mystery of what the new dragon king knows and his ultimate plan for everyone. I read this late one night and could not put it down. I recommend lots of ice water and tissues, because there are tears and laughter and scorching hot passionate encounters between James, Kihra and Teban.

Love in the Morning by Meg Benjamin

Love in the Morning by Meg Benjamin
Salt Box Trilogy Book 2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (218 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

“Breakfast with benefits ”

“The Salt Box Trilogy,” Book 2

The reality show “Lovely Ladies of L.A.” should have launched Lizzy Apodaca s catering company into solvency. Instead, when her carefully prepared appetizers mysteriously gave the cast on-camera food poisoning, she lost everything.

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Clark Denham realizes his diamond in the rough is a polished gem when Lizzy steps up to save the hotel s breakfast buffet after his temperamental head chef quits. It isn t long before she s winning his heart as smoothly and efficiently as she runs his kitchen.

Their relationship goes from simmer to rolling boil with the speed of a short order cook. But when a bevy of not-so-lovely ladies shows up in Salt Box, Lizzy s past disaster threatens to flatten her happily ever after faster than a falling souffle.

“Warning: Contains salty dialogue, several servings of high-carb cooking, and a big platter of screaming-hot bedroom delights.”

She can run but there was no way a past that made national news and the tabloids wouldn’t catch up to her eventually. Boy did it ever!

After read Finding Mr. Right Now, book 1 in the Salt Box Trilogy, I couldn’t wait to visit again. This quaint little Colorado town nestled at the foot of the slopes is full of great characters and townsfolk who watch out for each other. They’re used to seeing strangers and welcome the ones who decide make Salt Box their home so I wasn’t surprised when Lizzy rolled in on fumes and found her place in town. The early chapters of the book make references to the catastrophe that forced LIzzy to leave her home, change her name and look for a fresh start. When she actually reveals the details, I couldn’t help feel sorry for her but I was also curious about the rest of the story. There had to be more to it. She simply wasn’t that person to be so careless. I felt certain there were some not so Lovely Ladies who had a hand in her downfall. Time and chapters would tell.

I first met the owner of Praeger House in book 1 of the series. Clark Denham made an impression then so, I was curious to get to know him better and watch his and Lizzy’s story play out. I thought it was clever how the author built their attraction and connection slowly, not unlike how a chef would prepare a tasty sauce. Maybe it was by design or chance, but this isn’t a love at first sight kind of story and that’s just right for them. She’s new and a little wary and Clark comes across as someone who takes his time and gives his full attention to the things that matter. When it becomes Lizzy that matters, that’s when the book really got good!

I really like this author’s voice. The story flows well with vivid descriptions and snappy dialogue. I enjoyed revisiting some of the stops made on my first trip and seeing how the main and secondary characters I met on that trip were doing. The final addition to the series has yet to be released but I already know I’ll be waiting (im)patiently in line. Who will be the next hero or heroine to find love in Salt Box?

Readers who enjoy a well played out small town contemporary romance with just the right amount of heat, should give this book, actually this series, a read. Time well spent.

A Brazen Bargain by Laura Trentham

A Brazen Bargain by Laura Trentham
Spies and Lovers Book 2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (236 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Love soothes the deepest of scars.

Spies and Lovers, Book 2

Minerva Bellingham is at her wits’ end. Her younger brother, Simon, will have them penniless and on the streets if his extravagant gambling habit isn’t curtailed. An enormous debt to Lord Rafe Drummond is the final indignity.

Signing over her dowry is their only choice. Until Lord Drummond suggests something much more scandalous. She can keep her dowry—in exchange for the Bellinghams working three months as a housemaid and stable boy.
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Scarred from his service to the Crown, Rafe recognizes the young Simon Bellingham has the makings of a good duke. Minerva is a different story. Her pure, delicate beauty only underscores Rafe’s tarnished, bleak soul.

Yet he delights in cracking Minerva’s icy reserve to reveal a fiery, stubborn woman. And Minerva discovers the gruff master of Wintermarsh has the heart of a poet. But before they can find a future safe in each other’s arms, a menace from Simon’s licentious past slithers back into their lives, forcing Rafe to plan the most important rescue mission of his life.

Warning: Contains a paragon of the beau monde who gets the hang of polishing silver, and a master of the house who’d like her to make his bed—preferably with him in it. Also passion unleashed with the mere touch of a finger. Readers are encouraged to swoon.

“Had she made a bargain with the devil?” Quite possibly but, if the tension and chemistry that sizzled between Rafe and Minerva was any indication, extracting payment was going to be a pleasure for them both.

Book 2 of the Spies and Lovers series begins with some excitement. I haven’t read the first book but it looks like I’m missing out on a terrific story if I don’t remedy that soon. Book 2 is a stand alone so it isn’t that I feel that I need to have read the first to better enjoy the second, it’s just that the second was so much fun why wouldn’t I want to go back for more?

Rafe and Minerva apparently butted heads in An Indecent Invitation. I guess readers who want to see “how they met” might want to read that one first but I was able to pick up enough details to understand that there was some built in tension. Plus, Minerva calls Rafe an arse more than once. Respectable ladies of the Ton aren’t supposed to speak that way so, it really made me laugh. I could tell Rafe made his suggestion on how the Bellingham siblings could work to repay their debt as much to help young Simon as it was to poke at Minerva.

Speaking of Simon, bless him, he really needed a firm hand and no matter how much his sister loved him and berated him at the same time, she wasn’t going to be able to fix him. I really had to admire Rafe for heart and determination to see the young Duke fulfill his potential. I can’t be sure but I think I met his future Duchess and she’s going to be fiesty!

Maxwell Drake also looks like a likely candidate for a future installment of Spies and Lovers. He has the background similar to both Gray (from Book 1) and Rafe. Plus, he has the dark and broody presence down to an art. Total hero material! I’m very curious about the letter Minerva received from him while traveling in Scotland. He may have his hands full!

This was a really enjoyable book a good introduction to the series even though it isn’t the first in the series. After meeting Lily and Gray, I can tell I need rectify having not read their book, yet. Readers who love a good spicy historical set in the Regency Era should most definitely give this one a try.

Promised at the Moon by Rebekah R. Ganiere

Promised at the Moon by Rebekah R. Ganiere
Shifter Rising Book 1
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (129 pages)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

If he can save her from her past, she could be his future.

Shifter Rising, Book 1

Natasha Moon is running for her life. Though she’s managed to evade a forced mating, she arrives at a California safe house with no idea if the parents who entrusted her to an enigmatic Alpha are alive or dead.
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The lone wolf who gets her to safety draws her like a magnet. But to him, she seems to be just another shifter in need. Just another female he thinks he can boss around.

Liam Grey avoids attachments at all costs. With his own demons to fight, he sticks to relocating shifters in trouble, not playing social worker. But when beautiful, fragile Natasha shows up desperate for more than just a place to stay, his inner wolf howls for a chance to give—and be—everything she needs.

Liam has his hands full keeping Natasha safe from other shifters, and from his own desire. But when Natasha’s ex-boyfriend tracks her down, Liam will have to push beyond the brink to keep her for himself—or lose her for good.

She’s his to protect for now but this lone wolf may have found the one woman who makes him want the life he’s sworn to never embrace.

Promised at the Moon is a new adult romance and one thing that I first noticed was that the story and the characters came first and the erotic bits came later, meaning that the sex was secondary in this book rather than the focus. This was unique for me to find in the paranormal genre but in this book it worked well. Not saying that it’s bad reading erotic paranormal books, but every now and then I want to read a full on paranormal with romance but where the sex doesn’t overtake the book.

The romance was there from the beginning, their chemistry and passion was palpable from the moment Liam and Natasha met. Their attraction was instant. While Liam needs to protect Natasha, this was more than a job. I enjoyed the build up a relationship based not only on attraction but trust as well.

Both of the characters got to know each other and their past and present. It was refreshing in a short story.

The climax of the book was hot, sexy and action filled. The timing was perfect for them to give into their chemistry. I loved it.

This is the first book in the series and I have to believe that the second book will be just as amazing. Paranormal romance readers who’ve never experienced the new adult romance style of story telling should give this one a try.

No Place Like Home by Jennifer Kacey

No Place Like Home by Jennifer Kacey
Coming Home, Book 1
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (122 Pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

“The easiest-and hardest-decision she’ll ever make starts with a kiss.”

“Coming Home,” Book 1

In high school, Bianca Charleston was a nobody. An overweight wallflower, so invisible that Cole, the boy she had a crush on, never even knew she existed.

Things have changed, and she’s finally ready to show off her new bombshell look. Sort of. Maybe. After a one-sided pep talk with her cat, she takes a deep breath and flies home to help out with the annual hospital carnival. Cole is there, too-and he still has no idea who she is.
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FBI field officer Cole Johnson doesn’t have an easy job, and his nights are usually booked solid. Then in walks Charlie, a blonde with killer…everything. Suddenly he’s mentally clearing his schedule for a rare night out.

While Charlie doesn’t do one-night stands, somehow after-dinner dessert is served up against the wall of her hotel room. But happiness will have to navigate an emotional minefield of preconceived notions-and a couple of not-so-secret stumbling blocks.

“Warning: Contains a former ugly duckling, and a big-hearted FBI agent who knows how to get his money’s worth at a kissing booth. Plus, a little black dress that comes off a whole lot easier than Dorothy’s ruby slippers.”

How a wallflower became a bombshell…..

Most everyone has a crush in high school or college. Years later in her life, when she met her crush again she’s nothing like what he would remember, if he remembered her, from high school.

With a little help from her best friend, Bianca, affectionately known as Charlie, gets the opportunity to show off her new self. Cole never knew what hit him!

Cole is an FBI agent. What he does not expect was to meet the beautiful Bianca and fall in love with her. He’s a seriously sexy character but it isn’t just his outer hotness, he’s truly a nice guy and the way he treats Bianca is truly heart felt romantic.

I was pleased to see that this wasn’t an instant love even though the book isn’t lengthy. Yes, she had a crush on him years ago and maybe it still colored her adult life but, the author showed the slow build kind of love. I saw them get to know each other and find out more about their lives. To develop the relationship. It didn’t hurt at all that they a passionate chemistry.

I loved reading this book as it gave me more than I expected. I expected the wallflower Bianca to meet Cole years later fall in love and live happily ever after. However, I got more, this is a plot that I see every now and then but the author included a lot of content in it that surprised me and had me fully involved to the very end. That’s a good book!

Wolf On A Mission by NJ Walters

Wolf On A Mission by NJ Walters
Salvation Pack Book 6
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full length (254 Pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

When love runs wild, there are no limits.

Salvation Pack, Book 6

Full-blooded werewolf Elias Gallagher, sole guardian of his half-breed teenage nephews, is all too aware that the world is not a safe place for a werewolf on his own. Doubly so for half-breeds.

He brings his nephews to North Carolina to check out the Salvation Pack’s openness to half-breeds. He never expected to find a mate—the fully human mother of a young boy—while there.

After enduring one tragedy after another over the past two years, Sue Walsh is focused solely on earning a living and raising her five-year-old son. With her ex suddenly demanding custody, the last complication she wants or needs is an attraction to a ruggedly handsome stranger.

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Werewolves and humans striving for balance, peace and family.

Maybe it is just me, but I love books which have children in them of any age. This novel had it in a triple dose.

Ellias never thought he would find his mate, neither did he think that his mate would already be the mother of a boy. His belief that he wouldn’t was because he was totally focused on looking for a home for his nephews.

Love is a small word but Wolf on a Mission showed me that it can come in all forms.

A small community of werewolves, both full blooded and half-breeds as well as humans, live together isolated from the rest of the town. This small community is the answer to Ellias’ quest for his nephews because they are also half-breeds.

From the get go I felt the bond between Ellias and his nephews and his need to give them a safe home to grow up in. The big surprise for him was Sue and her son; they’re both humans.

This is a cleverly plotted and written story. As the lives of both Ellias and Sue get tangled up slowly, it’s filled with love and family, and the need to protect them when they are in danger or hurt.

The passionate chemistry between them, and Sue’s need to love, cherish and mother not only her child but Ellias’ nephews, warmed my heart. Now this is not just a paranormal love story, the author has created an entire world of paranormals who live along with humans. It’s a world of paranormals who usually do not align or accept half breeds, or any kind of alliance with humans – especially when the alliance is romantic in nature.

Though this book can be read as a standalone, since I have not read the previous books, it felt like I was missing or losing something about this world that the author has created. I think I need to read the series from top to bottom to truly appreciate all the details.

Readers who look for a paranormal romance that centers around families should give this one a try. It hit all the right notes with plenty of romance and spice but mostly love.

Frisked In Fondant by Nikki Duncan

Frisked In Fondant by Nikki Duncan
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (64 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A kiss by any other name would never taste as sweet as his.

Tulle and Tulips, Book 6

When Gisella Sands isn’t busy creating magical wedding cakes, she shows the outside world the lighthearted, teasing manner that fools everyone, even her friends at Tulle and Tulips.

Once she’s home alone with her cats, the façade falls away. No one would guess that her tragic past is her only companion in the night. Or that this confectionary genius has never tasted the sweetness of a man’s kiss.
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The less Kyle Riley talks, the more others fill the silence—a handy skill for a homicide detective, not so much for a social life. Dedicated to his job, he’s never been tempted to take more than one taste of any woman. Until he responds to a home invasion and finds Gisella, the bridesmaid he walked down the aisle at a friend’s wedding, bleeding on the floor.

In a heartbeat, all thoughts of keeping his professional distance disintegrate. But when the heat melts the walls guarding their secrets, their recipe for one perfect night could fall flat.

Warning: Contains a man who rarely strings more than fifteen syllables together, and a woman who can read him like a cookbook. When strong and silent meets sweet and bubbly, something’s bound to boil over.

Kyle is a detective working on a recent string of home robberies. He’s nervous because the intensity of the attacks and the frequency are both increasing at a rapid rate. And then Gisella’s place is the most recent crime scene. Gisella who had a sparkle in her eye and a deliciously sassy mouth. Gisella, whom Kyle hasn’t been able to stop thinking of since they were both part of their mutual friends’ wedding party.

I was both impressed by Gisella’s courage in not telling the robbers where her best jewelry was, but also slightly skeptical. I couldn’t decide if it was very realistic that after being beaten, robbed and cut on the neck with a knife if someone (anyone) would still refuse to hand over their possessions. On the one hand it showed an incredible strength of will and character, on the other a somewhat risky and uncaring attitude to Gisella’s own safety. If nothing else this certainly drew me into the story and had me really thinking about it, pondering and weighing everything – and being able to do that within the first chapter is an addictive hook many authors find difficult to achieve. I couldn’t put the book down after this even if I’d wanted to – and that is some of the highest praise I can give as a reader.

There were a few small points where reality and common sense were over-ruled – things like Kyle not assigning other detectives to Gisella’s case when it became clear they had a more than friendly acquaintance, and Kyle’s own dad being his Captain in the police department. Despite these things I didn’t feel they drew me too far out of the story. I was intrigued enough by the robbers, and curious enough about how Kyle and Gisella were going to come together to happily and easily be able to disengage my brain, sit back and just enjoy the ride. Seeing the story and plot through – and determined to read about Kyle and Gisella getting their happy ending – was far more important than quibbling about small, “real life” things that logic dictated.

I found this to be an interesting, well paced story with some fun characters and a really solid, meaty plot. I felt almost immediately drawn to both Kyle and Gisella, and despite a few small bumps found that my curiosity about what happened next and how things would pan out was far stronger and deeper than any need for realism. I thoroughly enjoyed some of the very strong secondary characters who I imagine have their own linked stories and found this to be a well-rounded book and an excellent story to lose myself in for a short time. The chemistry between Kyle and Gisella was lovely and their sex scenes were tastefully written with plenty of foreplay and nothing I found too explicit or offensive. I feel readers who like their romance steamy but not erotic or overly detailed should be very satisfied with this.

A good story – I enjoyed this.

Finding Mr. Right Now by Meg Benjamin

Finding Mr. Right Now by Meg Benjamin
Salt Box Trilogy Book 2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (277 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Reality can be hotter than fiction.

The Salt Box Trilogy, Book 1

Monica McKellar, associate producer of Finding Mr. Right, is desperate. One of the show’s bachelors has bailed one week before shooting starts. She not only needs a replacement ASAP, he has to get the temperamental bachelorette’s stamp of approval.

Fortunately there’s a hot guy right under her nose who’s a perfect fit. Unfortunately, he pushes all her hot buttons. Until the show’s over, her hands—and every other part of her body—are tied.

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Instead, he’s a finalist, and they’re all packed in an SUV climbing the Continental Divide, headed for Salt Box, Colorado. Where stampeding horses, vindictive tabloid editors, and one capricious bachelorette’s waffling over suitors may conspire to end Paul and Monica’s romance before it even starts.

Warning: Contains hot sex on the sly, cold nights, creaking wicker couches, and a gypsy wagon that gives a whole new appreciation for the pioneers.

Do your job, don’t make the bachelorette cry and don’t accidentally steal one of the bachelors for yourself. Piece of cake!

As far as plots go, this one was fun and clever. Most everybody has seen the reality bachelor/bachelorette shows and knows how very little reality there truly is…in most cases. Finding Mr. Right Now keeps true to the stereotype but there was more. There was some real romance and characters that made me care about how the story would end.

One of the aspects of this book that really drew me was how realistic it felt. I could totally picture the behind the scenes production of a show like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette being very much like this. I found it interesting that the chosen Bachelorette for Mr. Right wasn’t a typical mean Hollywood Diva. Instead, Ronnie is the epitome of America’s Sweetheart when I met her. I wondered if that was the real her or if she was more of an actress than anyone knew. Only time would tell. Even if she’s not an actress, she’s definitely more observant than she’s given credit for. One of the elements I was looking for was to see how her story would turn out or if it would continue on in the next book.

The real heroine of this story is Monica, associate producer of the reality show. That is not a job for the faint-hearted. Essentially her job is to “deal with it”, whatever and whomever “it” was in any given issue. I liked her. She was, for lack of a better word, real in an industry that excels in proliferating make-believe. She’s also not nearly as jaded as she could be from working in Hollywood.

I liked Paul as well. He was only doing his job when he gets roped into being on the show as opposed to being behind the scenes pulling strings for the show as a writer. That’s a cutthroat industry so the way he gets forced into accepting the position of bachelor #10 was totally believable. The sparks flying between him and Monica were just as obvious. I wondered which direction the author would take it. If the bachelorette, Ronnie, would be a serious contender for his attention or if the focus would be on how he and Monica would develop a relationship around the show. Also, there’s that reporter, Cathe, they have a history and she seemed like trouble the first time I met her.

This trilogy is centered around the town of Salt Box, Colorado. It’s barely a speed bump in the road but the town has some interesting characters and also has an interesting affect on the tourist passing through. Nothing magical in the sense of paranormal. More like a chance to enjoy the slower pace, relax and consider life’s opportunities. Freedom, cleansing and the chances of new beginnings are the words that come to mind.

Altogether, this was a good read. I actually chose the second book in the series, Love in the Morning, to read/review but felt like I needed to see how closely the two were tied together so, I chose to read this one first. I’m glad I did.