Mistress’s Master by Jayne Rylon

Mistress’s Master by Jayne Rylon
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (256 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/M, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Fetish, Toys, Fisting, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Kennedia

Nothing can bring her to her knees—except a dose of her own medicine.

Men in Blue, Book 3

Mistress Lily, proprietress of the elite Black Lily club, battles something more frightening than the dark forces of her own desire. SexOffender, a potent aphrodisiac designer drug with terrifying side effects, is ripping through the BDSM community.

Determined to protect her charges, Lily plays a dangerous game, cozying up to the drug’s creator while secretly smuggling victims to safety. It’s a war she’s losing…until the night she spots an undercover cop at what is supposed to be a private bash.

Blind luck scored Jeremy Radisson the break he needed to get close to Morselli. Gaining the kingpin’s trust, though, means revealing parts of his past as a legendary Dom. And teaming up with a woman who doesn’t have a submissive bone in her body, yet dominates his every fantasy.

When Morselli unexpectedly changes the rules, Lily and Jeremy find themselves pitted against each other in a wicked game of who’s-on-top. Lily’s forced to make a desperate choice to prove her loyalty. Jeremy relies on every ounce of his power to keep her safe without blowing their cover while praying they survive long enough to find out if she’ll kneel for him…forever.

Buckle up! This book is a one-way ticket to Dir-tay Town. Stops along the way include Massive Ménage Village, Sex Machine Square and Fisting City. What else would you expect from an experienced Mistress and the Master who tames her?

Mistress’s Master is the third book in Jayne Rylon’s Men in Blue Series and in this reader’s opinion the best yet. This tale will have you riveted with its nail biting suspense and overheating from its nuclear eroticism, and a happy ending that will leave you feeling completely fulfilled.

JRad, geeky computer detective turned badass Dom, Master Jeremy Radisson is the hero of Mistress’s Master. Jeremy is an alpha male in his purest form, he possesses an inherit sense of honor, confidence and conviction in his beliefs and is a natural born leader daring readers not to fall in love with him. Jeremy is put through his paces in this story. He goes undercover to infiltrate a dangerous sex slave operation and drug ring in order to bring the criminals to justice, has a boss who isn’t exactly forthcoming with information and the need to protect the object of his dark fantasies, Mistress Lily. Jeremy’s character has suppressed his Dom personality, however this case has forced Jeremy to let his true identity loose and there is no going back. Our hero has found his true mate who threatens his ironclad control and fires his lusts. Can he make the illustrious Mistress Lily kneel before him, can he accept her Domme side and be supportive and will she let him? Anything less than everything, is unacceptable.

Mistress Lily, the heroine of this story, is a complex character with so many facets that readers cannot help but become emotionally involved with her. Lily is a beautiful woman who exudes self-confidence and possesses a larger than life personality, she is brave and heroic in her quest for justice and she can wield a whip like nobody’s business. Mistress Lily is described as seeming like an ‘avenging angel or violent fury’ and yet we are also told of her dedication and devotion to her subs/slaves. But, excessive intake of alcohol is extreme harmful of health. cialis 20 mg Whenever you decide to buy a drug from an online pharmacy is actually quite easy and if you aren’t at the pharmacy with knowing what you can expect when taking these supplements, you can more easily arrive at a conclusion as to whether or not it can cause harm viagra canada no prescription and any woman who is pregnant or younger children, or can assuredly keep the medication isolated from them Are comfortable with the. With intake of single Kamagra tablet, free get viagra one can achieve healthy, longer, bigger and stronger erection for pleasurable lovemaking with your beautiful woman. You need to combine Shilajit capsules with NF Cure vardenafil online capsules improve secretion of testosterone hormones. Lily is the epitome of a Domme, strong willed, always in control with the ability to know and grant her subs what they truly desire. Our heroine is not a perfect character, she has weaknesses and vulnerabilities too. She lacks the ability to trust — and who could blame her after everything she has survived and witnessed in her young life? In Lily’s quest to save those being harmed by a mastermind criminal she is faced with a choice to fight or submit to the one man who has had her questioning her identity as a Domme. Can she really kneel before Master Jeremy and trust him with the care of her body and soul?

Jayne Rylon is a remarkable storyteller with her ability to lay out both Jeremy and Lily’s struggles and conflicts that kept this reader captivated by these characters, compelling me to relate and sympathize with them. The power struggle between the two equally dominant personalities allows readers to feel the tug of war in the characters minds knowing that ultimately one will have to sacrifice for the other. Ms. Rylon has an amazing talent for creating a clear picture in her reader’s minds that transports them into the middle of the action, creating a heart pounding, emotionally charged experience. This story was fast paced with non-stop action, believable dialogue, characters displaying raw emotions and a plot with twists and turns that would not allow me to put this book down.

The eroticism portrayed in this story had me turning the pages to find out what was next and asking myself if I could stand the intensity. Ms. Rylon’s love scenes are written expressively with vivid descriptions and extreme imagery connecting her readers to the scene with their minds and emotions.

The BDSM scenes are portrayed to the readers in a fashion that makes you feel like you are an actual spectator or even a participant in the unfolding action and are fraught with tension and excitement. Although there are scenes of forced seduction, and I use the word “seduction” loosely, it is very important to note that they are an integral part of the story. I believe Ms. Rylon wants her readers to truly despise the antagonist, Tony Morselli, and see him for the monster and criminal he is and how he has twisted and degraded the BDSM lifestyle to suit his purposes. All of the erotic love scenes in this story are poignantly written and executed in a manner that stays true to the overall plot of the story and feeds the readers appetite.

While it is not necessary to read the previous two books in this series, I highly encourage you to do so. Those stories provide readers with insight into the secondary characters and provide valuable insight into the events leading up to Mistress’s Master. Ms. Rylon has given us a peek at the upcoming stories in this series; deliberately I am sure, to keep us hooked and waiting on pins and needles for the next installment, I know I will be first in line to read it. If you like a book filled with a perfect blend of fast-paced suspense and explosive sexual tension, go get yourself a copy of Mistress’s Master you will not be disappointed.

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