The Last Mile by Kat Martin

The Last Mile by Kat Martin
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Cholla

When Abigail Holland awakes to the sound of a nighttime intruder in her rambling Denver Victorian, she knows exactly what the black shrouded figure is after—the map she recently inherited from her grandfather. Whoever he is, the man who grapples with her, then escapes, is willing to kill for the location of a treasure King Farrell hunted for more than ten years. The Devil’s Gold has claimed hundreds of lives, and it was her grandfather’s obsession.

With a killer pursuing her and her own family not to be trusted, Abby decides to take up the search herself. But she’ll need help to do it, and there’s no one better than renowned explorer and treasure hunter Gage Logan. Despite the instant chemistry between them, Gage is reluctant. Innocent people have been hurt on his watch before. But when Abby shows him a genuine gold ingot she found with the map, his curiosity is piqued. Before long they’re heading into the flash floods and brutal winds of the Superstition Mountains, straight into a passionate entanglement—and the dark heart of danger.

What happens when the daughter of a treasure hunter is left clues to her own possible treasure? She hunts for it, of course! But not without help. Before Abby can discover whether the map her grandfather, the great King Farrell, leads to anything, she needs to find the right person to lead the expedition. Enter Gage Logan. And let the adventure begin!

Abby Holland is a strong, intelligent, and determined woman. Dead set on finding the treasure her grandfather knows exists, she sets out to find it, help or not. I can’t lie, I loved the way she put Gage in line from the very first conversation. She was not going to let him push her out or keep her ‘safe’ even when she really was in danger. Granted, she could have exercised a bit more caution a couple of times, but I also understand why she didn’t. There was a need to prove herself, not just to Gage or her grandfather, but to herself as well.

Gage Logan is an adventure seeker of the highest order. There is no quest too risky, too dangerous for him and his crew. While he was a bit of a womanizer in his former life, once he meets Abby, that all changes. It’s rather endearing how one woman can do that to a guy sometimes. He is fiercely protective and always ready to put himself between her and danger, making him great boyfriend material.

This is the second installment in Kat Martin’s Blood Ties series. It has a lot in common with its predecessor – action, alpha male hero, gorgeous heroine, steamy romance – but it also ups the ante where the action is concerned. While I enjoyed the hunt for the killer in the first book, the treasure hunt featured in this blew that out of the water. Makes me excited to see what the next book – and the next brother, Edge – will bring.

Candy Corn Murder by Leslie Meier

Candy Corn Murder by Leslie Meier
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Halloween is coming to Tinker’s Cove, Maine, and local reporter Lucy Stone is covering the annual Giant Pumpkin Fest for the Pennysaver. There’s the pumpkin-boat regatta, the children’s Halloween party, the pumpkin weigh-in…even a contest where home-built catapults hurl pumpkins at an old Dodge! But not everything goes as planned.

Lucy’s getting annoyed that her husband, Bill, and his friend Evan have been working seemingly nonstop on their potentially prize-winning pumpkin catapult. But on the day of the big contest, Evan is nowhere to be found…until a catapulted pumpkin busts open the trunk of the Dodge, revealing a deceased Evan.

Bill’s on the hook for the Halloween homicide, so Lucy’s got some serious sleuthing to do. With each new lead pointing her in a different direction, Lucy learns that if she wants to spook the real killer, she’ll have to step into an old ghost story…

Halloween is coming and so are the pumpkins… They’re killers.

I’ve not read anything by Leslie Meier and I was in the mood to read mysteries so I picked it up. I’m glad I did. This is a new to me take on the cozy mystery. No real pets, but a grandmother taking care of her grandson. It’s cute.

I have a few issues with Lucy. She can be too forthright for her own good and sometimes she rankled me. I get that she’s mama bear about her grandson, but she could be too much and too…grumpy towards others where her grandson was concerned. I really had a hard time with the side story of the grandson going to daycare because the teacher was condescending beyond condescending. It made me not want to keep reading at times. I kept at it though.

The mystery was a tad thin, but I wanted something that I didn’t have to think too hard about. That’s not to say I didn’t like the book or it’s not good. I wanted something fluffy and this fit the bill. If you’re looking for a good afternoon read, then pick this up.

Instamom by Chantel Guertin

Instamom by Chantel Guertin
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

In this #funny, #wise, #emotionally compelling look at modern love and finding your true path, a proudly kid-free influencer meets the ultimate #dealbreaker . . .

It’s the influencer’s golden rule: know your niche. Kit Kidding has found hers on Instagram, where she gets paid to promote brands and share expertly curated posts about her fun, fabulous, child-free life. Kit likes kids just fine, but she passionately believes that women who choose not to become mothers shouldn’t have to face guilt. Or judgement. Or really hot chefs who turn out to be single dads.

Will MacGregor is aggravating, sexy, persistent, averse to social media, and definitely a bad idea. As soon as Kit learns his parenting status, she vows to put their scorching one-night stand behind her and move on. But Will and Kit are thrown together on an Instagram campaign, and the more time she spends with him—and his whip-smart, eight-year-old daughter, Addie—the more difficult it is to stay away, much less sustain what Will so cleverly calls her “Resting Beach Face.” Kit’s picture-perfect career path is suddenly clashing with the possibility of a different future—messy, complicated, and real. Which life does she truly want? Will she have to re-invent herself? And will love still be waiting by the time she figures it out?

Instamom is a fast-paced romantic story but so much more. Kit is a social-media influencer, posting pictures online that represent her supposedly wonderful, free life. Will is a professional chef. When the two meet, they are drawn to each other and have a steamy night.

This is a good thing for Kit. She does not want complications in her life. She’s a career woman who not only does not want children, but she is a leader and champions the cause of a child-free life to many women—has even written a book about it.

Kit really likes Will; then she discovers that he is a single dad and a widower. Disappointed, she decides that even though he is a great guy, his child makes this a no deal. Will manages to charm her anyway. Their interaction becomes ever more deep, passionate, and painful for them because Kit is adamant about remaining child-free.

How could this couple ever find happiness? Will challenges Kit’s phony online life, but Kit challenges Will as well. Added to this complexity is Kit’s relationship with Will’s daughter, Addie. A different type of turmoil is created as Kit has to interact with her. Afterall, Kit and Will have to work together for a while.

Kit’s friends and family add their two cents, and her exchanges with them reveal a lot about Kit’s values. Her ex-boyfriend, and his friend who wants more add tension to the story. There are ups and downs in this novel, and different types of love are explored.

It is a story about introspection, friendship, love, parenthood, careers, friendship, and facing one’s self to get at the truth. It is an entertaining story, and I would happily recommend it to others.

Death by Chocolate Lab by Bethany Blake

Death by Chocolate Lab by Bethany Blake
Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery, book 1
Publisher: Kensington Mystery
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Pet sitter Daphne Templeton has a soft spot for every stray and misfit who wanders into the quaint lakeside village of Sylvan Creek in the Pocono Mountains. But even Daphne doesn’t like arrogant, womanizing Steve Beamus, the controversial owner of Blue Ribbon K-9 Academy. When Steve turns up dead during a dog agility trial, Daphne can think of a long list of people with motives for homicide, and so can the police. Unfortunately, at the top of the list is Daphne’s sister, Piper—Steve’s latest wronged girlfriend.

Certain that Piper is innocent, in spite of mounting evidence to the contrary, Daphne sets out to clear her sister’s name—and find Axis, Steve’s prize-winning chocolate Labrador, who went missing the night of Steve’s death. Aided by Socrates, her taciturn basset hound, and a hyperactive one-eared Chihuahua named Artie, Daphne quickly runs afoul of Detective Jonathan Black, a handsome and enigmatic newcomer to town, who has no appreciation for Daphne’s unorthodox sleuthing.

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A romance–sort of–, a murder, and a bunch of dogs.

There is a lot going on in this book. Like I said in the introduction, there’s a murder or two, a romance (kind of) and a bunch of dogs. Now that’s simplifying the story way down. There’s more than just those elements. If you’re into cozy mysteries with animals in them, then this one delivers on the animal front. Socrates, the basset, is a riot.

The writing in this story is a tad…cumbersome. It’s not bad writing, but there is a lot more detail than maybe needed to be shown as it really slowed down the pacing in the first 3/4 of the book. I realize this is the first in the series and some build up needs to be done, but at times, it really slowed the book.

Then there are the characters. I wanted to root for them. I did. Daphne seemed funky and fun at first, but there were times when I wondered how anyone would get herself into these situations. She’s supposed to be a businesswoman–she has a pet sitting business–but she’s unreliable. She never has any gas in her vehicle and always seems to be late going place. Then there’s her ability to never have money, yet she’s always doing something that involves someone else paying or her getting freebies. It’s cute at first, but after a while, seemed a bit sophomoric. She has a romance of sorts going with Dylan and it really did feel too much like him being strung along. As a romance reader, I wasn’t impressed, but this is a cozy, so the back and forth was more expected. There’s Jonathan Black, the detective. I liked his story and wished he’d come across more officer-like and less strange. He shows up at strange times and almost seems like he’s chasing Daphne. Now, she tends to get herself into strange situations, so it’s a good thing he does show up. And those situations…she has the dogs with her, the ones she complains about and, as a pet sitter, it felt a bit irresponsible.

But this is a cozy mystery and it’s fiction, so the book wasn’t bad. Far from it. It’s a nice story to pass the time during this pandemic era or on the beach. Plus, there are dogs!

If you like cozies with animals in them, then try this book.

Please Don’t Feed the Mayor by Sue Pethick

Please Don’t Feed the Mayor by Sue Pethick
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

When the lumber mill closes, laying off most everyone in Fossett, Oregon, Melanie MacDonald plans to revitalize her beloved but beleaguered homestead by running her border collie Shep in Fossett’s mayoral race . . .

Shep wins by a landslide.

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A dog that’s the mayor? And it’s not just a publicity stunt? No way!

I picked up this book because of the dog on the cover. I did. Then I read the blurb and was hooked. A dog that’s the mayor? No way this can be possible. Now I have to admit, when I read Shep, I kept thinking of the dogs in Babe. It’s not a far stretch, really. The writing is interesting and the storyline, while a little implausible, is fun. It really is. Most places don’t have a dog for the mayor. That said, there is a reason and it ends up being cute.

I liked the characters of Bryce and Shep. Melanie left a little to be desired. Bryce never stopped loving Melanie, but his job takes him away from her. I was never sure why he and Melanie split, but I did root for them to get back together. I liked them when they worked together. Shep’s the dog and how can you not like a dog?

One issue I had with this book was the author’s tendency to write a character having a reaction, then on the next line speaking. For the first half of the book, I wasn’t sure who was talking. It required a bit of rereading.

Still, this is a cute book, a fast read and worth looking at. Shep is a fun pup and the mystery storyline adds a bit of flair. Check it out!

How to Love Your Elf by Kerrelyn Sparks

How to Love Your Elf by Kerrelyn Sparks
Publisher: Kensington Press
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Full length (312 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Review by: Xeranthemum

Raised in isolation on the magic-shrouded Isle of the Moon, five girls became five sisters. Now women, they are ready to claim their places in the world—and perhaps change it forever . . .


Sorcha knew the mission was dangerous. Leaving the safe grounds of her brother’s kingdom and parlaying with the elves across their border . . . well, treachery seemed at least as likely as true peace. But to support her sister, Sorcha would brave far more than the underhanded ways of the elves. Or so she thought, before she was taken hostage.

Of course, her captors didn’t count on her particular abilities—or on the help of the Woodsman, the mysterious thief who made his home in the forest. He saw the battle from the trees, saw the soldier attacking against incredible odds to save a comrade—and then saw the valiant fighter revealed as Princess Sorcha of Norveshka. He can’t tell if he wants to kidnap her or kiss her. But despite Sorcha’s stubbornness, his inconvenient honor, and a rebellion on the cusp of full war, something burns between them that neither can let go . . .

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The story opens with the heroine learning how to defend herself. Her character isn’t one who is comfortable with violence but learning to protect herself is very important. She has a skill like her sisters but there’s a huge difference that I didn’t expect. Her gift is relatively ignored but by choice. She had a scare when she was a kid and I can certainly understand her extreme hesitancy to utilize her gift. I was actually pretty frustrated by that in the beginning of the story but as time went on, I saw the author develop a different kind of strength for the heroine. It comes from Sorcha’s heart and when it came for her time in the spotlight, I liked the author’s choice.

If you have been following the series, you understand the meaning of the stones. Sorcha was thrown for a bit because they said one thing but her heart told her another. What does she do? You’ll have to read it to find out but I figured out the secret much earlier than the heroine.

There is just the right amount of suspense when the heroine is in jeopardy. The bad guys are what I come to expect and are written effectively and convincingly. More is learned about the Circle of Five and my favorite character to despise, The Chameleon, made an appearance. The plot thickens.

The secondary cast of characters supported the hero and heroine but I didn’t find them distracting. That means that I consider How to Love Your Elf as a possible standalone read. There are references to the previous stories because they are Sorcha’s sisters, but the focus of this novel is Sorcha and The Woodsman.

The scenes when the hero and heroine finally enjoy the release of all that pent-up passion for each other were well written and enjoyable.

What happened to the evil queen was something I did not expect. However, the ritual for one of the characters totally makes what happened more believable. What happens for the ritual, the why of it and the history completely fascinated me. I was impressed with its originality.

All in all, How to Love Your Elf is a really good read. It’s fun, absolutely entertaining and a great addition to the series. It has a wonderful happy ever after too. What it also has is foreshadowing for the next book in the series. Maeve has grown up during the telling of her sisters’ previous adventures and romances, and it looks like she’s ready for her turn. Ms. Sparks has set it up perfectly because there is no way I want to miss her story, especially since I suspect my favorite dog character is going to finally come out of the background and into the spotlight. I can’t wait!

The Taster by VS Alexander

The Taster by VS Alexander
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (304 pgs)
Rated: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Amid the turbulence of World War II, a young German woman finds a precarious haven closer to the source of danger than she ever imagined—one that will propel her through the extremes of privilege and terror under Hitler’s dictatorship . . .

In early 1943, Magda Ritter’s parents send her to relatives in Bavaria, hoping to keep her safe from the Allied bombs strafing Berlin. Young German women are expected to do their duty—working for the Reich or marrying to produce strong, healthy children. After an interview with the civil service, Magda is assigned to the Berghof, Hitler’s mountain retreat. Only after weeks of training does she learn her assignment: she will be one of several young women tasting the Führer’s food, offering herself in sacrifice to keep him from being poisoned.

Perched high in the Bavarian Alps, the Berghof seems worlds away from the realities of battle. Though terrified at first, Magda gradually becomes used to her dangerous occupation—though she knows better than to voice her misgivings about the war. But her love for a conspirator within the SS, and her growing awareness of the Reich’s atrocities, draw Magda into a plot that will test her wits and loyalty in a quest for safety, freedom, and ultimately, vengeance.
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Vividly written and ambitious in scope, The Taster examines the harrowing moral dilemmas of war in an emotional story filled with acts of extraordinary courage.

What a read!!

A friend recommended this book and at first I wasn’t sure this would be my kind of book. To be honest, it’s not. But that’s not a bad thing. Really. The Taster is a unique book. Who killed Hitler? This book answers that question but brings up many more.

Magda is an interesting character. She’s put into service working for Hitler as his taster – the person who makes sure his food isn’t poisoned. Every time she tastes, she takes her life in her hands. Crazy, isn’t it? She’s a strong woman, but crumbles from time to time, which made her relatable. I’ve done some research on the situation in Germany and during the Holocaust, but I’d never really put that information into personal terms. With Magda, I felt like I was there. My heart broke for her and I cheered, too.

It was interesting to see the more tender side of Hitler, although I still think he’s a monster. Eva Braun is portrayed in a kinder light, too. I saw them as people, not just names in the history book.  I can’t imagine what these people went through and while this book paints a picture of it, I bet it was much, much worse.

I read this book in a little more than a day. It’s the kind of book that can’t be put down. The writing flows well, plus the scenes are both beautiful and scary. I needed to know what would happen next.

If you’re looking for something historical that’s a page-turner kind of fiction, then this might be just what you’re wanting.

Saving Anna by Sharon Struth

Saving Anna by Sharon Struth
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary
Length: Full (254 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Review by Rose

Germany’s sparkling Rhineland is the perfect place for a fresh start . . .

Warming people’s hearts with true accounts of kindness is what columnist Anna Kelly does best. But no one knows the private misery she endures in her abusive marriage. Still, leaving is difficult—until a deeply personal bequest from a beloved elderly neighbor compels Anna to travel to Germany. There she begins an unexpected adventure of paying it forward that will take her far from her complicated life in Brooklyn.
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Arriving in the historic and picturesque city of Mainz, on the breathtaking Rhine River, Anna settles in at a cozy guesthouse filled with colorful residents. But fulfilling her task will require the help of a translator and knowledgeable guide.

Josef Schmitt will gladly shuttle the American visitor around if it distracts him from his dark thoughts. Ever since a serious accident sidelined him at the local excursions company, he’s been unable to forget the pain he caused or forgive himself. Now, accompanying Anna on her mission takes them both to surprising places—and they just may find the courage to truly set themselves free . . .

Anna, for the last two years, have led a life of abuse from her husband – caught in the trap so many abused women find themselves – thinking if they stick it out, maybe he will change and get help. Fortunately, an unexpected legacy from an elderly neighbor, along with a personal entreaty from him for her to travel to Germany on an errand, gave Anna the opportunity to leave her marriage and take some time for herself.

Saving Anna is the story of how Anna is indeed saved – not only saving her physical life, but emotionally and mentally as well coming to grips with what she had been subjected to. The travels she goes on while trying to fulfill Isaak’s request affects not only Anna, but also touches in a deep way Josef, the man who was hired to drive her and translate for her. He has his own demons to confront, and the story is as much about saving him as it is Anna.

This is a story of hope, of love, and the strength that can come from confronting the past – both the near past and the past that is further away.

Ms. Struth has done a wonderful job in capturing the emotions and conflicts Anna goes through as she attempts to start a new life. She also draws a wonderful picture of what life was like for the Jews in Germany during the time of World War II as Anna and Josef search for Isaak’s friend. What a remarkable book! Good job, Ms. Struth.

An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole

An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (320 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

As the Civil War rages between the states, a courageous pair of spies plunge fearlessly into a maelstrom of ignorance, deceit, and danger, combining their unique skills to alter the course of history and break the chains of the past . . .

Elle Burns is a former slave with a passion for justice and an eidetic memory. Trading in her life of freedom in Massachusetts, she returns to the indignity of slavery in the South—to spy for the Union Army.

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Two undercover agents who share a common cause—and an undeniable attraction—Malcolm and Elle join forces when they discover a plot that could turn the tide of the war in the Confederacy’s favor. Caught in a tightening web of wartime intrigue, and fighting a fiery and forbidden love, Malcolm and Elle must make their boldest move to preserve the Union at any cost—even if it means losing each other . . .

Adventure, romance, sex… perfect for escape reading. What free woman would trade in her freedom to carry out her passion for justice?

This is a well written book with a unique plot. Elle Burn is a unique woman by a lot of means. Courageous is the word that I would use to describe her. Elle is a freed slave going undercover to get information to the Union to help defeat the Confederates and she also has the ability to remember everything that she read and see. So her gift helps in the service that she does for the Union. This isn’t a book where I found myself necessarily liking a particular character or even connecting with one but if I had to pick one it would be Elle. She is courageous, she is selfless and for her to face the dangers in the fight to end slavery as well as becoming involved in forbidden love is a woman that is truly bold.

While undercover Elle meets Malcolm McCall. They both have a lot in common. Malcolm has his personal reasons for helping the Union. During their mission to help the Union Malcolm happens to see Elle and finds himself attracted to her. As the story goes on their attraction and passion for each other grows. Another thing they both have in common is that they read and quote Shakespeare and Sun Tzu. I like that they have similar things to share and draw closeness on.

The story is summarized and told so well but it seems there is more telling than showing. I enjoy a good historical read but I felt this storyline center more around Elle and Malcolm’s growth into a relationship as well as their active sex life. Their personal relationship took away from the story line. There wasn’t a balance of romance and historical events. Even though Elle and Malcolm didn’t have it easy in trying to be with each other, the story doesn’t offer much as to the suspense of the outcome. I could predict that the outcome would be in the best interest of Elle and Malcolm. I think this would have been a good story without the sex-capade.

This is an extraordinary story, but probably doesn’t offer a realistic historical outcome.  For this reason I would recommend this to readers that enjoy an escape but aren’t exceptionally choosy about historical accuracy.  It also offers readers a sensual romance with a happy ending.

How Hard Can It Be? by Robyn Peterman

How Hard Can It Be? by Robyn Peterman
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspsense
Length: Full Length (278 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

One happy ending coming right up…

What happens when an accountant decides to grab life by the horns and try something new? Apparently a pirate named Dave, a lot of pastel fleece, and blackmail—just to start with…

Visualize and succeed, Oprah said. I was sure as hell trying, even if my campaign to score a job as the local weather girl had ended in a restraining order. Okay, TV was not my strength. But a lack of talent has never stopped me before. Which is why I’ve embarked on a writing career. I mean, how hard can it be to come up with a sexy romance?
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Leave it to me to wind up in a group of grandmotherly porno writers who discuss sex toys and apple cobbler in the same breath. Also leave it to me to leak an outlandish plot idea to a bestselling author with the morals of a rabid squirrel. And only I could get arrested for a jewelry heist I didn’t commit—by a hunky cop whose handcuffs just might tempt me to sign up for a life of crime. Maybe I’ve found my calling after all…

I had a hard time starting off writing this review because I just didn’t know quite where to start. Do I mention the cringe-worthy giggles, the bust-a-gut laughter, the blushing snickers, the eye-popping ‘I Can’t Believe I Just Read That!’ shock or I need a tray of ice cubes because the sex is so hot while alternating to giggling at the ridiculous snafus the heroine gets herself into? My emotions were all over the place while reading How Hard Can It Be?. I can say with all confidence that I have never, ever, in all my years of reading come across a villain as … colorful, creepy, coarse, corrupt and comical as the one in this novel. I could not believe my eyes. The villain also inspires awesome alliteration.

Seriously though, I can’t be serious. Yes there is the mystery of what kind of information the villain has on Rena’s new writer friends that they’ve been blackmailed for almost twenty years; yes there is the fact the heroine has to be arrested for violating a restraining order; yes there are mysteries that abound that though different in nature are the binding that holds the book together and allows for all the hijinks and hilarity to have reason to exist. Even with all those potentially heavy and dire conflicts, Ms. Peterman kept me on the edge of my seat with suspense. Not for something bad to happen, but for the next madcap adventure, over-the-top description or comment, or Rena’s internal dialogue as she tries to make sense of the alien world of writers that she’s stumbled upon. Don’t EVEN get me started on the book, Pirate Dave and His Randy Adventures I’d fall off of my chair and never get up.

I had to classify this book under the erotic genre only because it overwhelmed me with sexual weirdness. How does a person use a garden gnome or garden tools for sex? BDSM references and jokes bounded off my eyeballs like ping pong balls. And please don’t ever mention silly putty to me – I’ll never look at it the same way ever again. But handcuffs are definitely all right, even more than alright if Jack is the one wielding them because he is so sexy and hot and he knows what he’s doing. Oh my!

If a reader is uncomfortable with the F-bomb being used as a verb, noun and adjective, then be warned. The F-bomb practically does calisthenics in this story.

There are a ton of surprises in store for readers because most every character in the novel isn’t quite what they seem. Nothing is as they believed and the truth is just as bizarre. But not as bizarre as the villain’s decorating taste. That has to be read to be believed.

How Hard Can It Be? is a solid romance because there is a happy ever after that is as grin inducing as the rest of the novel. Ms. Peterman has a wild imagination that is stunning. I guess this is book one of a trilogy; the other two involve Rena’s friend and Kristy’s eventual love’s sister. I’d read the second book first so it’s a safe bet that the three novels can be read in any order. However, now that I’ve read all of them, the little innuendos and subtext in the other two books make so much more sense that I feel like I should read them all in order to get the full effect. That would not be a hardship. I just need to make sure that I leave myself plenty of time for my reading pleasure. If readers are in the mood for hilarious kinkiness woven through a fun romance, then this is the book to try. Just watch out for the aliens in Aunt Phyllis’ toaster.